Rethinking ride-hailing for women drivers

Getting a ride from a woman driver is always a pleasant surprise. What we’re about to share however, is not as pleasant. In Philippines today, safety is still one of the concerns for women considering driving in ride-hailing. And it doesn’t just stop at safety concerns.

This industry is filled with barriers that hold women back, some of which include:

  • Cultural expectations around women’s caregiving duties
  • Lack of women representation in ride-hailing
  • Stereotypes surrounding women’s driving capabilities

Do these barriers make driving an unsuitable profession for women? Unfortunately, yes.

Can we change things? Fortunately, yes. As a company that aims to create economic empowerment for all, we’re taking steps to rethink ride-hailing for women in the Philippines.

Introducing the new Grab Women Drivers’ Program, an initiative to make ride-hailing more suitable for women driver-partners.

While women have made great strides in the workforce, there’s still so much that can be done to empower women. With this new programme, we aim to provide a more inclusive platform for women in Southeast Asia. #WomenWelcomePH

Interested in joining us as a driver-partner? Find out more here