Variable Booking Fee for GrabTaxi starts November 3 in Bacolod


Starting November 3, a minimum P50-variable booking fee will be charged to GrabTaxi passengers in selected remote Bacolod areas.

The additional fee will make getting a GrabTaxi easier every time you book to and from these locations:

  1. Bacolod Silay Airport
  2. Bredco
  3. Handumanan
  4. Silay Proper
  5. Barangay Lantad
  6. Barangay Balaring
  7. La Costa Brava
  8. Talisay Proper
  9. Punta Taytay
  10. Ayala North Point
  11. Town and Country
  12. Talisay Market
  13. Fisheries
  14. Pacific Shores Village
  15. Palmas Del Mar
  16. The Ruins
  17. St. Paul’s Village
  18. The District
  19. Buen Retiro 1 and 2

With the variable booking fee, the driver is compensated for his gas expenses and will be more encouraged to go to the pick up or drop off point.

The booking fee is paid on top of the metered fare. The fee, however, will vary based on your pick up/drop off location and time of booking. It means the additional fee may become higher than the minimum P50 booking fee for Bacolod.

What are the instances where the variable booking fee will be higher than the minimum P50 booking fee?

  • Where demand is high
  • Bookings from the outskirts of the city
  • Bookings during rush hour

Note, however, that areas within or near the Bacolod City center still maintains the fixed GrabTaxi P15-booking fee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the instances where the additional variable booking fee will apply?

  • All Grab remote areas in Bacolod identified above.
  • 24/7

How much is the booking fee?

There is no fixed rate. “Variable” means this would depend on your pick-up/drop location and time of booking.

How do I know the booking fee?

This will be shown once you input your pick-up and drop off location in the Grab app. You will be able to see the additional fee before confirming your booking.

Does my driver know the booking fee?

He will be informed of the booking upon issuing you the e-receipt at the end of your trip. Your driver will be asking you for the booking fee together with your payment.

What do I do if the driver is asking for an amount more than the indicated booking fee?

For any discrepancies or complaints, you may get in touch with our customer service. You can message us through a direct message on our Facebook page or through the hotline +63 2 8837100.