Merchant Rainy Day Protocol

Rainy days come and go – but that doesn’t mean we halt providing our consumers with the best service quality possible!​

Grab will continue to be operational for our consumers. As we continue to prioritize the safety of all our service partners, you may continue to experience some delays within our platform. 

To ensure platform reliability and quality service, we MAY TEMPORARILY make adjustments to your store. These adjustments may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Automatic temporary pausing of restaurants based driver-partner reports of long queues or closed store
    • For Preferred Merchants that are automatically paused, you may unpause your store status through the app once store operations are back to normal. (Not sure how? Click here.)
    • For Concierge Merchants, you may request to update your restaurant status through this article.
  • Increased consumer fees such as delivery fee or inclusion of platform fee
  • Radii reduction or disabling of long-distance delivery feature
  • Increased batching (for merchants on batching)
  • Reduction of scheduled orders window and maximum scheduled orders per hour

⚠️ Note: Don’t worry! We will revert back to normal operations as soon as it’s safe for our driver-partners to be back on the road.

Rest assured that we are working to fulfill your deliveries as much as possible and get back to full operations once the weather subsides.

Help us keep our driver-partners informed by updating your store status and store hours via your GrabMerchant App.

If needed, you may set your store to Temporarily Paused to stop receiving any live orders(Not sure how? Check the instructions here.)

For any other concerns, you may reach us through the Live Chat feature on the app or through the GrabMerchant Help Centre.

We appreciate your patience and trust as we strive to provide quality service to our consumers during this time.

Keep dry and stay safe!