Personalised GrabCar promo codes!

Cut-off for the GrabVouchers is done! For those who are interested and weren’t able to order, wait for our next sale next week. 🙂

Give the gift of Grab this Christmas! For a limited time, you can pre-order personalized promo codes to give away to your loved ones for the ultimate Grab experience.

For Php300, you will get your personalized promo code in Php100 denomination, valid for 3 uses — just enough to take you to all the Christmas parties you have lined up for the holidays.

From November 14 to November 16, you can pre-order your personalized GrabCar promo codes.

Here’s how:

  1. Starting November 14 to 16, you can pre-order the codes by clicking this link:
  2. Complete all the necessary fields in the form and “Submit”.
  3. After submission, you will get an SMS confirmation within 24 hours.
  4. Go to the Noel Bazaar (World Trade Center) on November 19-20, from 1-6PM and visit our Grab booth to claim and pay for the codes.
  5. Promo codes will be activated 24 hours after claiming and payment.

Valid in Metro Manila only.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the maximum that I can order?
You can order as many as you want! But only one promo code per submission 🙂

Can the personalised codes be used by anyone?
Sorry, the promo codes will be locked to the recipient’s mobile number. He/she can use it three times.

Can I choose the value of discount and the number promo rides?
Each promo code costs Php300 (Php100 off 3 GrabCar rides).

What if I can’t pick it up during the bazaar? What are my options?
All unclaimed orders will be forfeited 🙁 The bazaar is from Nov. 18 – 20 and Nov. 25 to 27.

Can I pay it with my card?
Nope. We can only accept cash payments during the bazaar.

What’s the expiration date of the codes?
Promo codes are valid until January 31, 2017.

Are the promo codes valid for GrabTaxi?
The personalized codes are available only for GrabCar (Sedan), GrabCar Premium, and GrabCar 6-Seater.

Can I use the personalized codes in Bacolod and Cebu?
The codes are only valid in Metro Manila. 🙂

Can I order again next month?
You can only pre-order from Nov. 14-16. Make sure to pre-order as many as you can! 🙂

Can I order for myself?
We prefer that you give it as a gift to someone.

Can’t you just send it to me?
Sorry but the only option is to pick it up from our booth at the Noel Bazaar. 🙂