GrabTaxi’s Next Steps: the Growth of a Startup

MANILA, November 24, 2015 – GrabTaxi, the Southeast Asia’s largest land transport brand, launched two new services in the Philippines, GrabPay and GrabHeli. In the media event, the tech company unveiled its latest offerings in PhilJets’ hangar in Pasay.

GrabCar Passengers Now Have the Option to Choose: Paper or Plastic

GrabPay, the new payment option for GrabCar, GrabCar+ and now, GrabHeli, will enable passengers to pay with their credit or debit cards. GrabCar, which became popular for being the first ride-sharing app to accept cash transactions for rides, has added cashless payments to their payment options.

“The Philippines has always been primarily a cash country that’s why we invested our efforts in making GrabCar available to most Filipinos. Now that we’ve established the brand, we want to be able to reach out to the credit card users and make the app accessible to virtually anyone with a smartphone,” said Khriztina Lim, Country Head of Marketing, GrabTaxi Philippines.

GrabTaxi has made the transition from cash to credit as seamless as possible for passengers. To register, passengers just need to enter their credit card details in the payment section of the settings, wait for approval and when they book rides, they’ll be able to select credit card payment already. When a passenger books a GrabCar with GrabPay, all they need to do is get in and out of the car, no more looking for change and they receive the e-receipt immediately.

Starting today, GrabPay will be rolled out to all GrabCar Peers, and passengers who book rides with GrabCar and GrabCar+ will have the power to choose their preferred mode of payment after registering with GrabPay

GrabTaxi Takes to the Skies with PhilJets

In an exclusive partnership with PhilJets, GrabTaxi adds GrabHeli to their growing product offerings. GrabHeli, which is in its beta stage, will be tested for three months. PhilJets, a startup in itself, is aligned with the goals of GrabTaxi in innovating and providing transport solutions to the country. “We are very happy to partner with GrabTaxi Philippines. In the 2 years they’ve been in the country, they’ve proven that they’re a formidable company to be associated with and this partnership promises a ride to remember,” said Thierry Tea, CEO of PhilJets Group.

GrabHeli, a pre-booking helicopter experience, is the company’s latest innovation.

“GrabTaxi has been in the Philippines for a few years now and we’re launching GrabHeli as a way to thank the passengers who have always supported us and stood as witnesses to our growth. It has always been our goal to transform the way Filipinos travel and aviation is not an exception.”

Be a GrabHeli beta tester

For Php 3,888 per person, anyone registered with GrabPay can fly around Manila in an aerial tour of Makati, BGC and Pasay. Unique GrabCar promo codes will be given to GrabHeli passengers to take them to or from PhilJets’ helipad in Manila Domestic Airport. “Booking a helicopter ride used to cost tens of thousands of Pesos. But through our partnership with PhilJets, we’ve made it possible to just buy a minimum of one seat on a helicopter and you’re good to go. With GrabHeli, riding a helicopter will not be as far-fetched as it used to be. It is now luxury within reach,” said Lim.

Pre-booking a GrabHeli will be available weekly from Saturdays to Wednesdays through the GrabTaxi app with fixed flight schedules during Fridays and Saturdays at 4pm.