GrabExpress delivery for only 29 Pesos!










GrabExpress just got faster and more affordable with GrabExpress (Lite)!

If you are in a hurry and don’t mind waiting for your biker on the side of the road, then GrabExpress (Lite) is the way to go!


What’s the difference?

 GrabExpress    GrabExpress (Lite)
 Delivery  Door-step to door-step  Road side only
 Price  P80++  P29++
 Quality of Service  110%  110%


How do I book?

  1. Open the Grab App
  2. Select the GrabExpress (Lite) icon
  3. Input your pick-up and drop-off points
  4. Input receiver details (name and contact number)
  5. Book now and wait for your biker to arrive!
  6. Make sure to let the receiver know that the package is on the way by sharing your ride!

Remember! Make sure that the receiver is able to meet the biker by the road and get the item within 10 minutes of arrival. If not, our biker will have to return the item to you with a surcharge amount equal to the fixed amount.

Got any questions? Check out our FAQs below!

  1. What do you mean by curbside delivery?
    • The driver will only do sidewalk-to-sidewalk deliveries. This means that you and the receiver will have to meet the biker by the side of the road.
    • The biker will not be able to go into your building for delivery. If you require such a service, please try GrabExpress instead.
  2. How much will a delivery cost?
    • GrabExpress(Lite) deliveries start at P29 only! Book now!
  3. How do I book?
    • Check out our simple steps above!
  4. Are the packages insured?
    • All GrabExpress(Lite) deliveries are insured up to P2000.
  5. Is the service available 24/7?
    • GrabExpress(Lite) is best available Mondays to Saturdays, 7AM to 10PM.
  6. Do you deliver anywhere?
    • You can have your deliveries picked up and delivered anywhere within Metro Manila!
  7. Are there any restrictions to what I can have delivered?
    • As long as the package is within our size guidance of 32 x 25 x 12 cm and not heavier than 5kg.



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