GrabChat. The first instant messaging feature in a ride-hailing app!

GrabChat is our new instant messaging platform within Grab. It’s a seamless form of in-app communication between you and your driver.

Drivers can send templated messages to passengers with just one tap, and let you know that “I’m 2 minutes away!” We’ve also provided some handy templates for you, with messages like: “Are you nearby?” to help gauge your estimated pick-up time. Or, you can use GrabChat to send your driver tips on how to identify you quickly. This way, you’ll be en route to your destination in no time.

Finally, as a bonus, all of our in-app communication is free — so say goodbye to all those pesky SMS charges, or being charged for calling a foreign number!

Now, isn’t that convenient?

Here’s how to use GrabChat:

  1. Update your Grab app to the latest version. Update here.
  2. Open the Grab app.
  3. Make a GrabTaxi or GrabCar booking.
  4. Tap the Chat icon in the “Driver on the way” screen.
  5. Send your driver a friendly message!


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