Introducing GrabCar Hatchback

Hey Metro Manila riders! Today we’re launching a new Grab transport service to help you get around within CBD areas. Introducing GrabCar Hatchback, our latest on-demand car service with a fleet made up of small hatchback vehicles. 

To make sure you get a comfortable ride, GrabCar Hatchback can only seat a maximum of three (3) passengers, including children. Perfect for when you’re travelling solo or with a couple of your friends!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is GrabCar Hatchback?
    • GrabCar Hatchback is Grab latest transport service offering. It’s an on-demand private car with a fleet made up of small hatchback cars.
  • How many passengers can ride in a GrabCar Hatchback?
    • To ensure a comfortable ride, only three (3) passengers (including children) are allowed in one GrabCar Hatchback ride. This is in line with LTFRB’s regulations on allowing hatchback cars to operate as TNVS. Please adhere to the maximum seating capacity to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. Your driver may cancel your ride if you are a group of more than three (3) passengers.
  • How much does a GrabCar Hatchback ride cost?
    • A GrabCar Hatchback ride has lower fares vs GrabCar Sedan. The LTFRB-approved fare matrix is below.
Base Fare Php 30.00
Fare / KM Php 13.00
Fare / 2 min Php 2.00

*Total fare may vary based on traffic conditions.

  • Why can’t I see GrabCar Hatchback in the list of vehicle options?
    • Due to a limited supply of cars, GrabCar Hatchback is currently available only for a limited service area. If you don’t see it as a vehicle option, it means we’re not available in your area yet. You can still enjoy GrabCar Hatchback if you are booking to or from a different location that’s within our service area. Stay tuned for updates once we are able to get more cars on the service!