Share your love for food!

GrabFood is better shared with friends.

Invite your friends who have not experienced the convenience of ordering GrabFood and we’ll reward the both of you with P100 off GrabFood voucher!


Here’s how it works:


P.S. – Did you know that you can edit and customize your referral code? You can do it in the “Refer & Earn” tab. You can only do it once so make it cute.


Voilà! You’ll get your reward voucher!




Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Grab Passenger Refer Friend is open to all existing and new to GrabFood users. If the Friend has used other Grab services already (e.g. GrabCar, GrabReward etc.) but has never tried GrabFood yet, he is still eligible to get the voucher.
  2. Definition:
    1. Referrer – an existing Grab user who shares his referral code
    2. Friend – a first-time GrabFood user, not necessarily new to the Grab app, who uses the referral code shared by the Referrer
  3. The Referrer and Friend will immediately receive the P100 off GrabFood voucher that they can use for a certain period of time. The vouchers can be found in the “My Rewards” tab under the “Rewards” tile.



Where can I find my referral code?
You can see and edit your referral code in the “Refer & Earn” tab under Accounts.

How many times can I share my referral code?
You can share it as many times as you like.

Can I customize my referral code?
Yes! You can edit your referral code only once. It has a character limit of 12 characters (not including the word ‘GRAB’). Simply go to ‘Refer & Earn’ and change your referral code there.

Will my friend and I have the same referral code?
No, each referral code is unique and begins with ‘GRAB’.

How come I did not receive a  reward after my friend completed his/her first GrabFood order?
Your friend may have forgotten to put your referral code in the ‘Add Referral Code’ box in the “Food For Thought” section, Or he/she may have ordered from GrabFood before.

My friend made his/her first GrabFood order. Where can I find my reward?
After your friend has successfully used your referral code for his/her first GrabFood order, the reward will be added to your ‘My Rewards’ catalogue.

Will my friend be notified that I used his referral code on my first GrabFood order?
Yes, your friend will receive a reward for referring you. Ask him/her to check under ‘My Rewards’ catalogue.

Why can’t I used my friend’s referral code?
You may have ordered from GrabFood before, or your friend’s referral code is invalid. Check that you’ve entered the code correctly.