What is GrabFamily?

February 22, 2019, Republic Act No. 11229 also known as Child Safety in Motor Vehicle Act was signed into law. This is a State policy to ensure the safety of the child (12 years and below) while transported. 

GrabFamily is a product made for passengers who will travel with their young ones. Drivers who are part of this program will go through a training for child safety and will be equipped with a child seat provided by Grab. 

This is a special feature for 6-seater drivers wherein they can get additional earnings if they accept these kinds of rides. 

What are the equipment provided by us?

Extra care for children require certain equipment to help you through your trips. These are the equipment that we will give you to help you give a better service for GrabFamily. These are:

*Tissue included in the tissue box.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the requirements to be a GrabFamily driver / car owner?
    • Similar TNVS requirement but will require car owner / driver to purchase approved child restraint device as well as undergo DAX training specifically for GrabFamily.
  2. What are the allowed child restraint devices?*
    • Children seat that suitable for children that weight is within 15-36 kg and height is below 4’9.
  3. How much more will I earn if I register to be a GrabFamily driver?
    • During Beta, fares / earnings will be the same as GrabCar 6 seater.
    • Updated fares on GrabFamily is still in discussion with LTFRB.
  4. What happens to my completion rate metrics if I encounter a problem with the passenger booking?
    • You may use one of the valid driver cancel reasons pertaining to GrabFamily bookings. STU rules will follow general GrabCar rules.
  5. Will GrabFamily rides be counted for my incentives?
    • Yes, it is counted.
  6. Will Set Destination usable for GrabFamily?
    • Set Destination will work the same way. However, during Beta, GrabFamily will be available only in select areas at select times
  7. What happens if I get a 6 seater booking and the child seat is blocking space?
    • The child seat can be installed and uninstalled anytime depending on need. Please just ensure to setup the device once GrabFamily is requested.
  8. Where should I put the child restraint device?
    • Child restraint device should be located in the rear seat of the car.
  9. How can I start receiving GrabFamily jobs?
    • Once activated, you can switch it on and start receiving GrabFamily bookings
  10. What if I want to purchase another child seat/car seat cover?
    • Ask for the recommendation letter from Grab to purchase another child seat to avail the big discount.
  11. What is the service area for GrabFamily?
    • The service area includes the following: Cubao, White Plains, Ugong Norte, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Fort Bonifacio, Makati Pasay, Ortigas CBD, Pateros, Malate, Pandacan, Baclaran, Newport, NAIA. You can also check the photo below.