The Grab Promise: Earn PHP 50,000 in 20 days!

Promo Period: November 7 – 20, 2016


  1. Grab will have a limited-time special earnings promise for new GrabCar drivers provided they complete the following requirements:
    • P 50,000 promised* if the driver is able to reach a minimum of 180 rides within 20 days of signing-up with Grab.
    • P 15,000 promised* if the driver is able to reach a minimum of 60 rides within 20 days of signing-up with Grab.
    • Gross fares & incentives are already combined with the promised amount.
  2. This is valid only for GrabCar drivers who sign-up for the first time with the platform during the promotion period. This is not valid for existing drivers applying under new peers or operators.
  3. The 20 days will start one day after the driver attends the training session.
  4. A driver must maintain standard requirements (min. Acceptance Rating = 85%, max. Cancellation Rating = 20%, min. Star Rating = 4.3) and must not have any cases of fraud for the weeks included in the 20-day period.
    • The payout of this earnings promise will be on Friday the week after the 20-day period is completed together with a 20-day statement via SMS.
    • The driver will still get their incentives payout every week on the usual payout schedule following an incentive cut-off.
  5. The special earnings promise will be computed as the difference between the promised amount and the total fares and incentives (before commission) up to the end of the 20-day period.
    • If the total fares & incentive is less than the promised earnings, then Grab will cover the difference.
    • If the total fares & incentives is greater than the promised earnings, then there will be no need to cover the difference and the driver gets to keep what he/she has already earned.

Sample Payout 1:


Sample Payout 2: