Grab Driver Feature: GrabMoms

This Mother’s Day, Grab would like to salute our wonderful GrabMoms. These are our Grab Drivers by day and super moms EVERYday. There’s no stopping these GrabMoms. Read their stories and find out why we’re so proud of them!

5 Fast Questions with GrabMoms

Labella is 59 years old. She drives her GrabCar around Manila during her free time, in between taking care of her family and their home. Her husband works in Cebu so she sometimes wears double hats when it comes to being a parent.

She says her children are her inspiration and she works hard (both at home and on the road) for them.

GrabMom Labella

GrabMom Labella

1. What do you usually do when you’re with your family? 

We usually reserve our Sundays for family bonding activities like dinners and watching movies. We also save up to be able to afford out of town or out of the country trips.

2. What dreams do you want your kids to fulfill? 

I joined Grab to help my children to fulfill their dreams. I wanted to help them in any way possible. Being a mom is a never ending responsibility. It doesn’t stop when your kids get older. You’re going to always be a mom. 

3. What made you decide to be a Peer Driver?

I had free time on my hands so I decided that it’s a good opportunity to help my children. For myself, I saw this as an opportunity to be productive financially.

4. What was your funniest moment as a Grab Mom Peer Driver?

Oh! It’s definitely the shocked passengers asking for selfies because it’s their first time to encounter a female driver. They told me it feels as if their own mom is driving them around because they feel secured. As a driver though, I always do my part to make the passengers feel at home.

  5. If your kids are reading this now, what will you say to them?

Always be faithful in all responsibilities and accountabilities that you have in your lives. There will come a time that you will have your own families so I want you to learn your priorities and be faithful to it.


Our 2nd GrabMom is Lailany. At 39 years old, she’s a mother of two and before signing up to be a Peer-Driver, she was an encoder and a garments factory worker.

GrabMom Lailany

GrabMom Lailany

1. When did you learn to drive? 

I’ve already been driving for 20 years. It was my cousin who first taught me but I attended a driving school afterwards.

2. How many children do you have? 

I have two kids: Jessa Marie who is 16 years old and a senior highschool student in the States, and Junielei who is 10 and in Grade 5.

3. How many times a week do you drive? 

I usually drive 6-7 times a week from 9am to 12mn. 

4. If your kids are reading this now, what will you say to them? 

Learn your priorities. I’ve already done all the hard work, all you have to do is study well and make the most out of it. Don’t forget to appreciate those who’ve helped you along the way. 

5. What made you decide to be a Peer Driver? 

I want to help my children’s studies financially. My income from Grab is enough for my children’s studies. I joined Grab because you can drive at your own pace, even only on your free time. I like driving anyway so this job’s perfect for me.


Last but not the least, meet Sarah. At 47 years old, she’s been a single mom to four children for the last 16 years and she’s been driving with us since November.

GrabMom Sarah

GrabMom Sarah

1. Aside from being a driver and a mom, what else do you do? What do you do on your free time?

I drive 6 times a week but I make sure I spend enough time with my family. 

2. When did you learn to drive?

I’ve already been driving for 31 years and I learned from a driving school.

3. What dreams do you want your kids to fulfill?

I want them to build a relationship with God because everything will follow after. I also want to get our own house for our family because we’ve been staying with my parents.

4. What was your funniest moment as a Grab Mom Peer Driver?

When I had my first male rider, he got confused if I was really his driver! So I opened the window and the passenger was just shocked! He told me “babae ka nga talaga” and I replied “yes sir, mahaba nga hair ko oh.” The whole duration of the trip, the passenger still couldn’t believe that his driver is a lady.

5. What made you decide to be a Peer Driver?

I’m a stay-at-home mom so I have some free time. I wanted to support myself, especially since my kids already have their own lives and jobs. I don’t want to be a burden to them and give them worries.

Join us in giving these GrabMoms and all moms out there a standing ovation. We, your families, are very lucky to have you.

Happy Mother’s Day!