Collect all 8 Driver Badges!

What are Driver Badges?

Where can I see my Driver Badges?

1. Driver Profile

ADVISORY: Unti-unting ilulunsad ang feature na ito sa app. Abangan.

2. Monthly Newsletter


1. How can I receive driver badges?

You can receive driver badges for 5-star trips rated by passengers. You cannot receive badges for 1-4 star trips.

2. Where can I view my= driver badges?

You can view your badges through:

  • The NEW and IMPROVED Driver Profile in your driver app – You can view your lifetime and total badges as a Grab driver. You can also see positive passenger compliments together with this.  
  • Monthly Newsletter – If you want to track your monthly count of driver badges, check out the monthly newsletter sent your e-mail.

3. What are the booking details and passenger details of the badges and improvements I received?

We cannot disclose the passenger and trip details from the badges and improvements you receieved. To protect the privacy of our passengers as well as our Grab platform, all details will remain confidential.

4. Is the Star Rating the same rating I will see in my incentives page?

Yes, the Star rating in the Driver Profile and in your incentives page is the same rating.