Keeping Your Payments Secure


Grab is introducing authorization holds to verify customers’ payment methods. Here’s what you need to know.

Safety is a huge part of Grab’s DNA. In fact, one reason we started was to provide safer rides for passengers.

We also look at safety in other forms – including the security of our customers’ payment methods.

Grab passengers can pay for rides with their credit or debit cards via GrabPay. To ensure our payment methods are secure, we’re introducing payment authorizations this month. Here’s what you need to know:

What is payment authorization?

It’s a temporary hold on funds on a passenger’s credit or debit card. When a passenger books a Grab ride, the bank will “hold” money on behalf of Grab to ensure there are enough funds to be charged at the end of the ride.

Payment authorization is an industry-accepted practice; in fact, you’ve probably encountered it before. When you check into a hotel, the concierge usually does a pre-authorization on your credit card, locking down funds to pay for incidental charges (like if you trash the room). If the room is intact – and you haven’t secretly raided the mini bar – the money is refunded to you.

How much money will Grab place on “hold”?

The amount varies for each ride, because it’s calculated based on the vehicle type and the time of booking. Besides covering the basic fare shown on your booking screen, the amount will also account for things like ERP charges, discounts and surcharges.

If the actual fare is lower than the hold amount, Grab will release the difference back to your credit or debit card immediately. However, your bank may take some time to make the funds available for use, depending on their policy. Do check with your bank to be sure.

How will this affect my trip?

GrabPay users may experience authorization holds for some of their rides to ensure payment security. As mentioned, Grab will release any unused funds at the end of the trip.

What happens if I don’t get a ride or I cancel my booking, and my card has been authorized?

Grab will hold the authorization for 30 minutes, in case you successfully book another ride immediately after. If no more bookings are made within those 30 minutes, Grab will release the authorization hold, and your bank will refund you.