We aim to be better for you.

As our driver-partner, your experience with Grab matters to us. That’s why we’re making constant improvements to ensure that driving with us is safer, more seamless, and more rewarding.

  • Safer Rides

Your safety is our priority.

We understand how important safety is, that’s why we’re constantly improving to ensure your peace of mind when driving with us.

Passenger Verification

We’re making it a prerequisite for passengers to register with social media logins or electronic payment. So you can drive with peace of mind knowing that the passenger in your car is verified.

Personal Accident Insurance

Drive with peace of mind knowing that you and your passenger are covered with our free Personal Accident Insurance. To make a claim, just submit a form via our Help Centre.

Driver Telematics Report

Using advanced algorithms, we track your driving characteristics, and give you weekly reports to improve on safety and comfort.

Passenger-Driver Matching

Our allocation algorithm combines all the data we have when matching you with a driver, keeping your safety as top priority.

Coming soon in December 2018

Driver In-app Safety Toolkit

Call for help to your exact location in the fastest way possible, notifying your loved ones, local authorities or our security company.

Coming soon to Android users in December 2018 and iOS users in January 2019.

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