A New Way to Maximize Your Drive!

We are introducing Back-to-back Jobs to help you maximize your drive. The feature minimizes waiting time between jobs. This is a new feature on the latest driver app that allows you to accept your next job as you’re completing your current trip!

How does it work?

  • You can receive upcoming jobs as you approach your current passenger’s drop-off point location
  • Your next passenger can see from his or her app that you are currently dropping off another passenger, along with your estimated arrival time
  • Once you accept the job, proceed to pick up your next passenger after dropping off your previous passenger


Q: How does Back-to-back Jobs work?

A: Back-to-back Jobs help you reduce waiting time on the road. It allows you to accept a new booking, when you are close to your current drop-off point.


Q: How do I become eligible for a Back-to-back Job?

A: This feature will be available to all drivers w/ the latest app version. You will only be assigned a Back-to-back job if you are close to the drop off point for your current GrabCar job, and the app makes sure that you are just 10-15 minutes away from the next passenger’s pick-up location.


Q: What if I’m on my way home, is there an option to go offline?

A: Yes, just switch the available button to the left to make sure that you will not receive a new job after. This can also be done while you are in transit. See screenshot above.


Q: Will I get Back-to-back Jobs if I currently have passengers on GrabShare?

A: No, Back-to-back jobs is only for GrabCar. This feature makes sure that you avoid “endless pick-ups” for GrabShare.


Q: How will this affect the passengers?

A: Your passengers will be able to see if you are still completing a nearby trip. Everything else will stay the same.