Our guiding principles

Integrity and business ethics are fundamental to Grab’s mission of driving economic empowerment for all. To secure the trust and support of our partners and consumers, strong governance principles are embedded into our operations and procedures to hold us accountable, and to create a safe, fair, and ethical platform for people to transact on.

Keeping consumers safe

Cybersecurity framework

At Grab, we continuously strengthen our cybersecurity and data protection measures to safeguard our networks, systems, and data from potential cybersecurity risks, as well as to ensure our compliance with the applicable privacy laws and sector-specific requirements imposed by regulators.

We are also committed to promote cybersecurity culture in our workplace. Our employees and contractors undergo mandatory cybersecurity and data privacy protection training and annual refreshers.

Data protection framework

Grab embraces a ‘Privacy by Design’ framework: privacy and data protection is embedded into any new product or feature at the conceptualisation and design phase, and then throughout its lifecycle. Our Internal Audit and Risk Assurance teams provide evaluation and assurance on the effectiveness of these control measures.

Guarding against fraud risks

At Grab, we meticulously guard against the fraud risks that are ever present in our industry. These risks include abuse of partner or consumer accounts, account takeovers, use of location spoofing software, marketing promotion or incentive abuse, and payment risk.

While we may not be able to fully eliminate the risk of fraud posed by bad actors or criminal syndicates, we take a highly proactive approach in preventing and combating fraud on our platform.

Maintaining highly ethical and compliant practices

Anti Bribery and Corruption

We have established a suite of policies and procedures, including our Anti Bribery and Corruption (ABC) Policy, our Conflict of Interest Policy, our Donations Policy, our Gifts Entertainment and Meals Policy and our Whistleblowing Policy. These policies form the backbone of our compliance management system and are applied consistently across our operations.

Socioeconomic Compliance

Our Legal and our Ethics & Compliance teams identify, evaluate, and manage regulatory risks around a range of socio-economic issues such as health and safety, data privacy, employment, marketing practices, financial practices, intellectual property rights, combating money laundering and terrorism financing, anti-corruption, as well as anti-competitive conduct.

We are attuned to regulatory changes and continuously update our internal controls to match the evolving laws and regulation. We also offer regular training to relevant employees to ensure that regulatory compliance-related updates have been adequately communicated.

Fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace

At Grab, we believe that diverse Grabbers, aligned in mission and guided by a common culture in the Grab Way, will build better products and services for our community. We celebrate each other’s perspectives and experiences, and are committed to building diverse teams and creating an inclusive workplace that enables all Grabbers to perform at their best.

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