Good or bad – we want to know

We’ve launched a rating feature where you can tell us more about your trip
at the end of each job. This brand new feature is designed to measure
your satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

Whether you’ve just had a pleasant trip or if your experience fell short,
tell us! We want to know.

Your feedback can make an impact

You are a vital part of our Grab community. That’s why we need your help
to make Grab better for everyone.

Your feedback will be used to better shape and enhance the Grab experience
for our community, especially in these key areas.

  • Reduce location-
    based issues

  • Identify problematic passengers

  • Improve payment experience

  • Start rating your trip today!
    Update your app now.

Tell us about your trip in just a few taps

We made it easy for you to give your feedback. Here’s how to do it.