Myanmar’s first on-demand service that allows riders going the same way to share a ride. Earn more for every trip with GrabShare.

What is GrabShare?

GrabShare is a service that allows passengers to share the ride, and the fare, while driver-partners get to earn more by picking up multiple passengers going the same way. There are many possible trip sequences and here is what a ride could possibly look like:

All GrabTaxi driver-partners will receive GrabShare jobs which allows you to take more than one booking per trip for passengers going the same way. This means you can now potentially earn more by receiving more fares from more matches!

At Beta, GrabShare is only available in Yangon.

There are many benefits when driving with GrabShare.

Earn more per trip by taking more passengers going the same way.

Maximise space in your car by picking up multiple passengers.

Hit incentives quicker – each match you get counts as a booking towards weekly incentive schemes

Key Features of GrabShare

Take more bookings in one ride instead of one

Maximum of 2 passengers per booking

No detours or additional stops

Same Acceptance Rating, Cancellation Rate and Driver Rating as GrabTaxi

How is GrabShare different from GrabTaxi?


Allows you to take 2 bookings heading in the same direction at the same time.



Allows you to only take 1 booking at a time.


Take a maximum of 2 passengers per booking.



Take a maximum of 4 passengers per booking.


Job cards are blue and labelled “GrabShare” on the top-left corner.



Job cards are grey and labelled “GrabTaxi” on the top-left corner.

Tips for Drivers!

Trust the App – Our app provides the most optimal trip sequence to minimise travelling time. Follow the sequence to ensure a seamless experience.

3 Minutes Waiting Time Drivers should only wait up to 3 minutes for their passengers upon arriving at the pick up point. This reduces overall travel time and all parties can have a pleasant ride!

How It Works

Download App

Scan QR Code


Yes, GrabShare rides will be counted towards your existing incentive ride count. On top of that, drivers will get 50% commission back on every unmatched GrabShare ride during the pilot phase.

There is no work required to set up GrabShare; it will be available for all GrabTaxi drivers automatically.

This will be the same experience as you have today for GrabTaxi, once you drop off your first passenger, the payment screen will pop up. Once your payment input for the first passenger is completed, you can move on to dropping off the second passenger.

You don’t need to switch; the job card will indicate whether the job is a GrabShare or GrabTaxi job.

No, each driver only has one Grab cash and credit wallet. The cashout process will also be the same.

Advise them that by making a GrabShare booking will need to share a ride, and drivers are not allowed to ignore bookings. If passenger gets into an argument, continue the ride until the end and report the passenger to Grab through the Driver Rate Trip feature under “Not willing to share ride”.

No, you cannot. Refusing to accept GrabShare bookings will affect your AR.

No, the fares on the app are final. We will protect your earnings by offering a 50% commission back on every unmatched GS ride during the pilot phase.

You should only wait for 3 minutes per booking. This is different than the GT experience of 5 mins per booking.

We will be applying the same commission rate as GrabTaxi.

Yes, but this will affect your AR & CR so please ensure that you continuously check the app.

In this scenario, it will be similar to an unmatched ride. We will top up your cash wallet with half of the trip commission during the pilot phase.

No, the fares of the first passenger remain the same. During the pilot phase, for this unmatched ride, we will top up your cash wallet with half of the trip commission.

The maximum number of passengers for each GrabShare booking is 2. Kindly request passenger to cancel and book a GrabTaxi. If the passenger does not want to cancel, you are able to cancel using the reason “More than 2 passengers showed up”. This will affect your driver CR.

The second booking can happen anywhere between the first passenger’s pick-up and drop-off points with minimal detour.

No, you must follow the pick up & drop off sequence in the app. Our system identifies the best route to minimize detours & travel time. We will also remind passengers that drivers will follow the pick-up/drop-off order given by the Grab app. Trust the app!