GrabCar Long Rides 7 seater (one-way ride) is a service for users wishing to travel by GrabCar with a travel distance of 25km.

✦ The total fee includes: fee displayed on the application, tolls (if any) and other surcharges (if any), which:

  1. Charges include:
  • Minimum fare: 325,000 VND/first 25km 
  • Fares for each subsequent kilometer: 13,000 VND/1km + 550 VND/minute
  • Apply flexible tariff when demand is high based on region and time of day.
  1. Fees may include: Tolls, airport fees, parking fees,… when you use the service (if any).
  1. Other surcharges may include:

Surcharge for changing route: 15,000 VND + fee for each incremental kilometer

*Note: This changing roadmap feature applies to a distance within 5km against the original destination. If the changed route is more than 5km, please book another trip.

Surcharge for additional stops: 10,000 VND/stop (maximum 2 stop)

*Note: The driver-partner will wait for 05 minutes.

Night surcharge: 20,000 VND – applied in the time frame from 22h00 to 05h59.

In case you want to get off midway, before reaching the original destination, please pay 100% of the original booking fare.

✦ The final fee displayed on the app includes surcharges to support insurance cost, safety upgraded cost, driver-partner training programs and airport operating costs and other costs which does not include tolls. This is the amount you have to pay to use the service after deducting promotions/discounts (if applicable).

✦ All of our Driver Partners have been guided to choose the most convenient route according to the GPS system. If you would like to take an alternative route that is more convenient for you, please inform and get alignment with your Driver Partner before taking the trip.

✦ To ensure the transparency and accuracy of your payment, Grab will not refund the extra amounts you reward (Tip) to the Driver Partner.

✦ Note:

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Transport, ride with GrabCar Long Rides 7 seater (one-way ride) you must follow requirements below:

  • Please do not carry goods or living animals into the cabin.
  • Please ensure the number of passengers within the vehicle capacity.
  • Passengers must wear seat belts at all times in all positions equipped with seat belts, including the rear seats.
  • Do not ask your Driver-Partner drive over the speed limit or break the laws (parking in wrong places) 

✦ Maximum number of passengers per ride GrabCar Long Rides 7 seater (one-way ride): Maximum 7 passengers