GrabCar 4 seats 6-hour rental package

✦ The total fee includes: the fee displayed on the application and the surcharges (if any), in which:

1. Fees:

– 6-hour rental package (maximum travel distance is 90 km): 4-seat GrabCar: 900,000 VND

– Use flexible pricing based on the location and the time of day when demand is high.

2. Surcharges may include:

– Airport entrance fee according to the regulations of the Airport

– Parking fees, tolls, bus stations, ferry terminals, … when you use the service.

– A 4-seat GrabCar will have a 40,000 VND hourly extra added on after the rental package expires.

– An extra kilometer surcharge of 12,000 VND/km for a 4-seat GrabCar is applied when the allotted distance is reached but the rental period is still in effect.

At the conclusion of the rental package, the driver partner will keep track of this cost and alert you to pay it.

✦ Principles of application:

– Enter your final destination so that the Driver Partner can simply arrange a suitable route with an unlimited number of stops, provided that the last stop is located in the province or city where you started the ride. You must complete your journey in the province or city you started in.

– You are responsible for paying the fee if your trip is longer than the rental package’s maximum distance. The estimated mileage should be checked and confirmed with your driver partner before you set out on your trip.

Each GrabCar Rent has a capacity of four people.

– If you wish to end the journey before the number of rental hours planned on the app and/or the allotted maximum travel distance have been reached, please pay the full fee for the scheduled trip at the outset. Head.

– Fees for fuel and the driver are included.

– All of our Driver Partners have been instructed to select the most practical path for their travels based on the GPS system’s data. Please let your Driver Partner know in advance and get their approval if you want to take a different, more convenient route.

– Grab will not reimburse the additional amounts you reward (Tip) to the Driver Partner in order to ensure the transparency and correctness of the total amount you spend for the entire trip.

✦The final price shown on the application includes additional charges to cover tolls but not the cost of trip insurance, the creation of safety features, driver partner training programs, operating costs at the airport flight, and other operating costs. This is the price you must pay to use the service after applying any available promos or discounts.

✦ Note:

Neither live animals nor products are transported by the driver partner.

– The driver partner carries no more passengers than is required.

– All seating locations equipped with seat belts, including the back seats, require passengers to always fasten their seatbelts.

– Don’t request that your driver partner drive too fast or break any traffic regulations, such as not stopping or parking where it is not allowed.