Grab applies Passenger No Show Fee from October 10th 2019


In our effort to provide a better service experience and platform for both Passengers and Driver-Partners, it is advised that Passenger No Show fee will be applied nationwide from October 10th 2019, when Passengers do not show up or show up more than 5 minutes late at the selected Pick Up point for your ride booking as showed on Grab app, causing the driver to cancel the ride.   

100% of this fee will be paid to drivers to compensate for their time on the road, as they have made an effort to travel to your location.


How It Works

If you do not show up or show up more than 5 minutes late at the selected Pick Up point for your ride booking which causing drivers to cancel the ride, you will be charged a fee as below details:

  • GrabCar, GrabCar Plus, GrabCar 7 and JustGrab: VND10,000
  • GrabBike and GrabBike Premium: VND3,000

Notes: In the event that assigned driver agrees to wait for longer than 5 minutes for you to arrive and does not cancel the ride, this fee will not be applied.


This fee will be debited directly through the payment method you have chosen for the associated ride:

  • If you pay with Moca E-wallet on Grab app, or Debit/ Credit card: you can choose to pay the fee immediately or pay it on the next ride.
  • If you pay with cash: the fee will be added to the next trip cost.

In case you do not pay this fee on the next trip, your Grab account will be temporarily disabled for ride booking.


With this new policy, we hope to reduce the number of passenger no show bookings, in order to provide seamless rides for both Passengers and Driver-Partners. 

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

For any inquiry, please contact our Help Center: 028.7108.7108


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How do I know when I am supposed to show up the Pick Up point?

You can check the timer on your Grab app and get to the Pick Up point on time to avoid Passenger No Show Fee.

Q2. What if I do not have Credit/ Debit card or Moca wallet on my Grab app, how do I pay for my Passenger No Show fee?

You can pay for Passenger No Show Fee in your next ride with Grab. Total fee for your next ride will include ride fare and outstanding No Show Fee.

Q3. Driver did not show up at the right Pick Up point but I still got charged Passenger No Show Fee.

You can file a report and submit it to our Help Center on Grab app and our Customer Service agent will contact you.

Q4. Why did I get penalised for Passenger No Show Fee?

Passenger No Show fee will be applied when you do not show up at the Pick Up point within 05 minutes from the moment our Driver arrived at your chosen Pick Up point, which leads to ride cancellation by our Driver.

Q5. Will I get GrabRewards points for the amount of Passenger No Show Fee that I paid?

No. Passenger No Show Fee will not be eligible for any GrabRewards points.

Q6. Will I receive an e-receipt for this fee?

Yes you will receive 01 e-receipt for this fee via your registered email with Grab 

Q7. Can I use promotion code to off-set this outstanding debt?

No. This fee can not be offset by promotion codes or reward points 

Q8. How do I pay for this fee?

This fee will be paid via your registered primary payment method. If it’s cash, you can pay it via the next ride, and the next ride’s driver will be notified to ask for your outstanding fees. If it’s via Moca E-wallet or linked cards, you will be asked to pay the outstanding fees. 

Q9. How do I know that the drivers will arrive on time. In my cases, they tap arrive even though they’re very far from the pick up point? 

Grab will ensure that drivers will arrive on time at your Pick-up point with our system. Do contact us if you are being charged wrongly, due to drivers not arriving at the exact location. 

Q10. My account is temporarily disabled for ride booking because I haven’t paid ,  until all outstanding fees are settled.

Contact Grab Help Centre to solve your outstanding fee. 

Q11. What if I refuse to pay Passenger No Show Fee?

If you refuse to pay Passenger No Show Fee, your account will be temporarily disabled for ride booking, until all outstanding fees are settled.