Why GrabBike?


On-demand booking via the app, the fastest and most affordable travel option when time matters.

Price Transparency

Distance-based fixed fare which is shown in-app before choosing our service

Safety & Tracking

Our drivers are trained and have gone through criminal background checks. We have real-time tracking for all rides and deliveries.

Applicable / Displayed Fare
Min FareKHR 2,500
Base FareKHR 1,500
Per KM rateKHR 1,000

How to use GrabBike

Choose GrabBike icon in Grab app

Download Grab

Scan QR Code


Please make sure you’ve entered your current location accurately, in the case when you can’t find your driver, you could use the in-app function of GrabChat to communicate with your driver or call him/her if necessary.

Currently GrabBike is only available in the city-centre of Phnom Penh. Stay tuned as we increase our coverage to the entire city in the coming weeks.

Promo codes are special promotions from Grab for you to enjoy a discount on your regular GrabBike fare for a limited period of time.