The Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines and standards that we hold our independent driver and delivery-partners accountable to as part of our Grab community. This ensures that our users are protected, our systems are not abused and that, working with our driver-partner, we deliver the best experience to our users. Grab maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards violations of the Code of Conduct, and infringements can result in suspension or termination of user access to the Grab platform. (See here for details)

Maintain proper documentation to drive.

You must hold a valid national driving and vocational license at all times and other permits as may be required by the relevant authorities. You and your vehicle must also be covered with valid insurance as stipulated by local regulations. Be truthful about your criminal record. It is your responsibility to update and resubmit your documents when they expire, if they are revoked or as and when requested by Grab.

Assault, harassment or abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.

The following behaviours are prohibited by law: physical abuse, verbal harassment, sexual assault, rape, murder, kidnapping, threats and intimidation. Do not ask overly personal questions or comment on anyone’s appearance. You are strictly prohibited from contacting your passenger after the trip for personal reasons. In a dispute, do not take matters into your own hands.

Do not commit crimes.

You may be penalised under the prevailing law if you commit any criminal acts such as theft, robbery, sexual assaults, possession of illicit materials or weapons, acts of vandalism or damage to property. We will work closely with law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute offenders.

Follow road safety laws.

Do not commit traffic violations or drive recklessly that may endanger the lives of our passengers and other road users. This includes complying with speed limits, obeying road signals and traffic lights, using hands-free kit while driving, ensuring your passengers wear a seatbelt. You should always wear a seatbelt or a helmet. Avoid driving long hours and take sufficient breaks.

Alcohol, drugs and weapons are not tolerated.

Do not consume drugs or alcohol while you are on the Grab platform. Illegal substances, open containers of alcohol and weapons are not permitted in your vehicle. If a passenger believes you may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he or she has the right to end the trip immediately and alert us or the authorities. Do not accept or deliver illegal items and dangerous goods. If you have reason to suspect the nature of the contents of your parcel, please notify Grab and the authorities if necessary.

Look after your vehicle.

Maintain your vehicle in good operating condition, in accordance with industry safety standards and local regulatory requirements. Make sure you only use the vehicle that is registered with Grab.

Respect the privacy of our Grab users.

You MUST keep confidential all personal data (i.e. name, mobile number and address) that comes into your possession. Unauthorised collection, use or disclosure of personal data of our users is strictly prohibited. It is your responsibility to comply with local privacy laws and regulations should you choose to use personal in-vehicle cameras.

Do not discriminate.

You shall not refuse to provide services or make derogatory comments about anyone based on a person’s race, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, age or any other characteristic.

Be fair to our Grab users.

Honour a booking that you have accepted and do not unreasonably cancel jobs or transfer a job to someone else. Do not set your own prices and overcharge your customer or take a longer route than necessary. Honour all promo codes and discounts given to pax. You shall not have another person or pet inside your vehicle while you are on the Grab platform. Wait for your passenger for a reasonable amount of time.

Be well-mannered with our Grab users.

Be properly and decently attired at all times. Wear your Grab delivery attire, if applicable. Be polite in your interactions with our users and accede to reasonable requests from your passengers such as adjusting the air-conditioning or radio volume, and assisting passengers with luggage when requested. Passengers also have a right to a clean, smoke-free ride.

Ensure a seamless experience.

Communicate with and wait for your passenger at the correct pick-up point and allow them to alight at the chosen drop-off point. Confirm your passenger’s identity before driving off. Agree with your pax the route to take. Only complete the booking after the passenger has alighted from the vehicle or after the order has been delivered. Do not solicit passengers to make an off-platform booking or recommend other ride booking apps to them. Do not tamper with your food or delivery items, and ensure they are stored in the appropriate delivery bags.

In case of emergency…

Always call the authorities first. Once all parties are safe and authorities have been notified, contact Grab to report the incident.

Act in good faith.

Do not cheat or defraud Grab by any method such as sharing or creating duplicate accounts. Use only the official Grab application downloaded from the Google Play/ Apple Store. Do not keep applications or devices with the potential of modifying Grab’s intended user experience. This includes location spoofing applications, rooted/jailbroken devices and/or exposed frameworks. Do not complete a booking without picking up the pax or order. Always provide truthful information when creating and accessing your account, or disputing charges or fees. Use offers and promotions only as intended. If your passenger leaves his/ her belongings behind, you are required to inform Grab and make every effort to return the item to the passenger or Grab.

Do not bully our Grab staff.

Be cooperative and do not abuse, threaten or harass our Grab staff in our premises, over the telephone or on social media. These acts include unauthorised photo/video-taking, stalking and asking for mobile numbers.

Maintain good ratings.

Keep your Acceptance Rate, Driver rating and Cancellation Rate in accordance with the prevailing policy.

Be open to feedback and training.

We value the feedback of both our passengers and driver-partners. We continuously evaluate a driver’s performance and provide feedback accordingly. You may be required to attend training sessions organised by Grab to improve your service levels.