Get the best ride for your journey with JustGrab.

JustGrab automatically assigns you the nearest taxi or car with an upfront fare rate, so you’ll know the exact fare before every ride. Choose from JustGrab taxis, upgrade to a JustGrab Plus or book a GrabRent Car for longer rides. Whichever you decide, you’ll enjoy a safe, comfortable ride.

Why JustGrab?

Economy or premium rides to suit your every need.

Enjoy guaranteed upfront fixed fares for every ride.

Get a ride faster as Grab assigns you the nearest vehicle.

Screened and quality drivers for the best service.

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JustGrab is a service that assigns you to the nearest vehicle at an affordable up-front fixed fare.

Yes. On the fifth cancellation onwards within seven days. On the fourth cancellation, you will be asked to add a card for GrabPay. Subsequent cancellations after that, a fee of KHR 4,000 will be charged. The cycle resets every seven days.

Of course. The Grab app accepts both cash and credit card (Visa or MasterCard only) as a payment method. You can add a card to your Grab account by tapping on menu and then selecting GrabPay.

GrabRent Car is a service that allows you to rent a car for a fixed rate of KHR140,000 (USD35) for 8 hours. This service is inclusive of a driver.
Note If you intend to use this service for less than 8 hours, the full charge of KHR140,000 will still be incurred fully.