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Hanoi, November 17th 2015 – After success of GrabBike “Thank-you Day, Recruitment Season” held in HCMC with participation of more than 1,500 drivers, today at 13:00 at National Conference Center, Gate 1 Thang Long Highway, Hanoi, Ltd. GrabTaxi Vietnam continues […]

Hanoi, November 17th 2015 – After success of GrabBike “Thank-you Day, Recruitment Season” held in HCMC with participation of more than 1,500 drivers, today at 13:00 at National Conference Center, Gate 1 Thang Long Highway, Hanoi, Ltd. GrabTaxi Vietnam continues the journey to pay tribute to GrabBike drivers by holding Thank-you Day for them “Carry love, Tighten Connection”. This is an occasion for GrabBike drivers in Hanoi to exchange experience offering GrabBike service to customers better and better, as well as a good opportunity for those interested in participating Great family GrabBike to know details and useful information related to this convenient technological application.

During the past 1-year journey, application and service GrabBike, a kind of motorbike taxi in technology time, has provided passenger and goods transport and received response from most of passengers. Passenger and goods transport service of GrabBike is appreciated as a good solution to reduce the amount of motorbikes on the roads, help bring cleaner atmosphere to the city. This success comes when GrabBike caught “sharing economy” trend in line with thorough understanding about traffic situation in Vietnam and features of motorbike taxi in Vietnam.

Therefore, the program to send thanks to drivers “Carry love, tighten connection” of GrabBike has the meaning of popularizing GrabBike culture on the occasion of the first birthday of GrabBike. Besides, the program is to pay tribute to excellent drivers with great contribution to the development of GrabBike from the first days the application was launched in Vietnam. In addition to awards for drivers, scholarships for their children, sincere thanks to GrabBike staff, the program promises to bring joyful environment with flash mob dance, lively performance, new exciting games under humorous and friendly leading of MC Quyen Linh – Brand ambassador of GrabBike. Participated in this program, drivers will have lucky chance to get gifts from the spin. This is an opportunity for those seeking for job to know more about operation, how to register and benefits when joining Great family GrabBike.

Mrs. Thao La Thi Hanh, CEO of GrabTaxi Vietnam comments: “Besides applying and deploying business activities in Vietnam, improving quality of customer service and quality of drivers’ lives as well as creating thousands of job opportunities are considered top priority of our company. I believe that with a secure recruitment process, a professional training system and operating policy in line with “sharing economy” trend, GrabTaxi together with driver network outspread districts in HCMC and Hanoi will always offer the lead utilities to customers with transporting and delivery needs. Through activities of Thank-you Day, we hope that GrabBike drivers connect with company more tightly to build a great family GrabBike sustainable in Vietnam.”

About GrabBike

GrabBike is a booking motorbike taxi function in the application GrabTaxi supporting the purpose of transporting passengers and goods. You can use utilities in GrabBike feature by downloading and installing free application at

GrabBike in the application GrabTaxi helps passenger book motorbike taxi in the nearest area easily, conveniently and safely via smartphone. Just opening app GrabTaxi, choose journey, select GrabBike and the closet motorbike taxi driver comes and picks you up. GrabBike service does not restrict only motorbike taxi driver, anyone from office staff to students, demobilized soldiers, unskilled workers who need only a motorbike and smartphone can become GrabBike drivers to earn more. To experience service “taking motorbike taxi in technology time” of GrabBike, passenger need to take these steps:

Step 1: Download app GrabTaxi and activate account (iOS:; Android:

Step 2: Choose journey, select GrabBike

Step 3: Confirm booking, the closet motorbike taxi driver will pick you up.

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