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Both services can be booked through Grab app.
The differences are:
– GrabTaxi is the regular taxi.The actual payment is based on the taxi meter-calculator. The fare shown on the app is merely referral.
– GrabCar is the car service using e-commercial contracts. GrabCar shows your actual fare directly on the app. You need to pay that amount only.

GrabCar is now available in urban areas of Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.

If you want to rate the driver’s performance after the trip, please choose from 1 to 5 stars on the rating screen. Grab hopes to receive more and more positive feedbacks from the passengers.

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Our service operates 24 hours a day throughout the week, but subject to availability of taxis at the moment of booking.

As long as you have either a Google Android (4.0.3 or above) or Apple iOS (8.0 or above) smartphone or tablet, then you’re good to go!

When you use Grab’s service, your taxi fare is based on the taxi’s calculation system (meaning that you are probably using Mai Linh taxi and will pay Mai Linh taxi’ fare). The fare on the app is merely an approximate measurement of how much you would pay.

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No. All you need to do is selecting “GrabBike” icon in the Grab app for booking a motorbike taxi.

The fare is calculated base on the distance and time frame (peak and off peak hours). After key in your destination, GrabBike will calculate your fare based on the shortest distance. For further information of fare regulation, please see more at the table above.

GrabBike operates from 6 AM till 11PM. Besides, a number of freelance drivers will work during special time such as late night or early morning.

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Sending package is so simple and easy – Open the Grab application, choose the “Delivery” icon (swipe from left to right), then fill in the pick-up and drop-off location for your package. Our application will calculate the fixed fares based on the direction and send our driver to you soon. You then can pay him cash with the exact amount on the application.

We will make every reasonable effort to deliver the shipment right after the successful booking, but these are not guaranteed that the receiver is available to be contact. We will call three times to confirm on the delivery times within 15 minutes interval. If we cannot contact the receiver, we will send back the shipment to you.

After finish booking, you will receive a form in the application where you need to fill in all the details so we can contact on your behalf and deliver the shipment.

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  • Method 1 : Through the Driver App on the driver’s phone
  • Method 2 : Request a Statement of Accounts from your cooperative
  • Method 3: Request Grab to create a car-owner account with a view of your driver’s bookings

According to Decree 24/QĐ BGTVT, cars with seats between 4 and 9 and within the commercial vehicle expiration (8 years) are eligible to join Grab. Pick-up trucks are not eligible.

The following documents can be submitted after registering:

  • Background Check 1 or 2 within 30 days
  • Contract Car Badge within 15 days

Other than those listed above, all paperwork must be submitted to begin driving.

You can come and have a check-up at hospitals in this city, require a health check-up for drivers with B2 License, forms for medical check-up will be available there, don’t forget to order an urine drug testing to complete the required papers.

To submit this declaration for criminal record, please bring your Identity Card, Household registration book to City Justice Department and require for a Declaration for criminal record No1 form then fill in the information.
After receiving all the information needed, Justice Department will make an appointment and give you the Declaration for criminal record.

Confirmation of conduct is issued by Ward Police, confirmed in the time you living in that location without criminal convictions.

Depending on the place and time, yours Judicial Records will take 20 to 30 days.

GrabCar currently operates in 2 cities: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City.

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  • If the car is registered to your spouse: please also provide your marriage certificate; alternatively we will accept a district notarized copy of your Authorization Contract (or Rental Agreement)
  • If the car is registered to someone who is not your spouse: please also provide a district notarized copy of your Authorization Contract (or Rental Agreement); in addition, both parties (primary car owner and authorized party) must be present at registration

You can research the information about the cooperation in the area where you registered HCM/HN to ask for permission if it fits the conditions of that cooperation. For documents such as business registration certificate and tax declaration 08, the cooperation will be responsible to providing it for you those after your participation.

According to Decree 24/QĐ BGTVT, all cars registered with GrabCar must have a blackbox installed and display the co-op logo, contract car badge, and GrabCar sticker in order to operate. As a result, interested car owners should first register with a participating cooperation to receive these documents. The cooperation will then provide instructions on how to convert your car from family to business along with inspection requirements.

Based on the market situations at certain points of time, Grab will have appropriate programs, and 1 week before we change the program, we will inform you for any preparations.

In that instance, the bank will provide you with a copy of your car registration with the bank’s stamp. Please bring the original copy to the Grab office where we will verify the document and keep a photocopy for our records.

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Your income depend on your working performance, from 4 millions to 14 millions per month.

Flexible working hours. Whenever you want, just open Grab app, pick-up passengers and earn more with GrabBike.

No. You should prepare it yourself.

Our services have plenty of customers at anytime. Drivers get customers through Grab Driver App.

To applied for GrabBike drivers, you need:

  • *1 smartphone running Android OS 2.3 or higher
  • **1 motorbike with quality assurance

*Paper work:

  • 1 National ID (notarized within 6 months)
  • 1 Permanent Residence (notarized within 6 months)
  • 1 Driving Lisence (notarized within 6 months)
  • 1 Official personal check statement in the last 1 month
  • 1 Health Certificate (official statement in the last 3 months)
  • 1 Judicial Records (accept appointment statement)
  • 1 Motorbike registration certificate (photocopy)
  • 1 Motorbike insurance (photocopy).

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Grab is a transport booking app on smartphone that helps to connect passengers with the taxi drivers.

Benefit from participation:
Increasing income
Saving petrol – no need to searching around for passengers
No rivalling for passengers

It depends on the city you are working in. GrabTaxi will apply the service fee. However, you don’t need to worry because this service fee is low & reasonable.

The app informs the users the estimate fare. In fact, the passengers will pay based on the price shown on the taxi’s calculator.

You need to fill in the register form above. Grab’s employee will contact later and give you more instructions.

All you need is a smartphone with Android operation system version 2.3 or above to install Grab app!

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Grab for Work is our business transportation solution that helps you maximise productivity while providing flexibility and insights to your company. It allows companies to log in online to set up groups, track transport spends, manage ride policies and enable group payments.

Refer to our home page for more information.

You can manage your company or team rides better via our group feature online.

Log in via and set up Grab for Work in 3 simple steps
1. Log in with your Grab account
2. Set up a group
3. Invite your employees via their work email

Once you are done, your employees can ride with Grab and link their business-tagged rides to your group!

You will also have the option to set ride policies and enable payment options (credit card) to help you manage the way your employees travel.

You can log in via with the mobile number that you registered on the Grab app and create a group with a work email address to get started!

You will need to download the Grab app via Google Play or Apple App Store on your mobile device to create your account. Log in via with the mobile number that you have registered on the Grab app to get started!

You will need to provide the following to create a group for Grab for Work:

1 Company name, address and work email address (e.g.
2. Employee details: name and eligible work email addresses.
3. Corporate card details (optional)

Grab for Work is available in all 6 countries that Grab is operating in (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam).

You can choose to set up Grab for Work groups in any country you operate from.

We have a variety of vehicle types (bikes, standard taxis, standard cars, executive cars, 6 to 13-seaters) and options for all business needs and budgets across Southeast Asia. Availability of vehicle types vary in each country. Please refer to for more information.

Download the Grab app and make bookings as per normal rides. Do remind your employees to tag their rides using their Grab for Work group tag and to choose the preferred payment method (if your company has enabled this option).

Getting Started

A group is a selection of people that can share Payment Methods and Ride Policies. You can create groups by company, cost centre, department or team.

Go to the profile tab and click on edit. You can deactivate the group and delete it.

Admins can access the group’s trip history, manage group payments or set ride policy settings for the group.

You can only see ride details that are tagged to the group by your group members. You will not be able to view their personal rides.

For business continuity, it is advised to have multiple Admins in each group.

You can do so in two simple steps:

1. Add members to the group
2. Promote activated members as Admins.

They will receive an in-app notification of the promotion with no further action required.

An existing Admin will need to designate someone else as an Admin before removing him/herself.

Manage members

Click on the “Manage Members” tab. You can do an individual or bulk CSV upload. Compulsory fields include employee’s name and work email address.

We strongly advise adding a maximum of 30 members to a group for optimal search and organisational effectiveness.

Manage your members’ rides

A tag is used to categorise your members’ rides to your Grab for Work group.

There is an option to switch between personal, business and group tags in the Grab app.

Set up a group. Add members and the group tag will appear in your members’ Grab app once they have activated their accounts successfully.

Manage your members’ ride policies

You can decide how your members should travel by time and date.

You can click on the “Ride Policy” tab and customise the policy by time and date.

Your member will get an in-app notification that restricts them from making the booking unless they tag their ride as personal or use other payment methods.

Pricing & billing

Grab for Work is FREE for self-serve accounts.

Monthly direct billing is available only for companies who meet our eligibility criteria.

Grab offers competitively priced fares for all ride and fleet options to suit your budget needs.

We do not offer corporate rates at the moment but we do work with partners to offer rebates (esp for corporate card holders) and other perks!

Yes. Just click on the ‘Payments’ tab and add, edit, delete your corporate credit cards.

Yes, you can decide which member or groups can charge their rides directly to the corporate credit card.

You can share a corporate credit card with a maximum of 5 group members. Please notify your issuing bank in advance on this group payment option. Contact our sales team if you need to enable corporate card sharing for more than 5 members.

Members will see a masked credit card option with only the last 4-digits visible.

Security is our top priority and we partner with leaders in the payments industry who have the highest safety standards and adhere to global payment guidelines.

GrabTaxi Pte Ltd is registered under the Merchant Category Code 4121, for Taxicabs and Limousines.

Ride Statements

Click on the ‘Rides’ tab. Choose your date range and click “Download Statement”. The statement will be emailed to your registered email.

Only Admins are able to view and download the statements for a group.

Our statements are fully compliant with audit standards and contain the following:
Employee Name/ID
Booking Code
Pick-Up, Drop-Off
Ride Distance (km)
Fleet Type
Trip Code, Trip Description (optional)
Expense Amount

If you have created groups by departments, simply download statements for each group.

Yes. Statements can be auto-sent to your email inbox weekly or monthly. Enable this under the “Settings” tab.

Technical Support

Please contact corporate support

Manage business rides

A. Categorising your ride
Tag your rides as personal, business and group in the Grab app to manage your rides.

B. Trip description field
You can choose to add trip details while you are tagging and they will be reflected on your ride statement.

C. Auto-schedule ride statements for claims
Manage the way you receive your business rides statement under Tag Management in Settings. You can add a work email, preferred credit card and enable weekly or monthly statements to be sent straight to your inbox for tagged rides.

D. Concur (optional)
If your company is on Concur, link up both apps and you can send your ride receipts directly to Concur. Check our Concur section below on how to get started!

Set up a business account via your Grab for Work group. Refer to Admin section on registration.

Yes, you can use the same app to book on-demand rides in the 6 countries that Grab operates in: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.

Member registration

Your colleague has added you as a member of their group. You should receive an email with a link where you can activate your account. It will redirect you to an online login page and prompt you to input the mobile number that is linked to your Grab account.

No, your company can only see the rides you have tagged as work group rides via the in-app group tag.

Download the Concur app and head to the section “Connect to Apps”. Search for Grab and click “Connect’. Download the Grab app if you haven’t done so. You will be redirected to an online login; log in with the mobile number that is linked to your Grab account.

Cash, corporate credit card (if your Admin enables you to do so) or your own personal credit card!

  • GrabPay Credits mang lại sự tiện lợi cho khách hàng của chúng ta bằng việc cung cấp thêm hình thức thanh toán cho cuốc xe thông qua việc mua một khoản tín dụng và sẽ hiển thị trong tài khoản GrabPay Credits của Hành khách trên ứng dụng ngoài hình thức thanh toán bằng tiền mặt (Cash) và bằng thẻ (GrabPay).
  • Hành khách có thể mua một khoản tín dụng vào tài khoản GrabPay Credits của Hành khách bằng nhiều phương thức thanh toán được liệt kê ở bên dưới.
  • GrabPay Credits cho phép mọi người dân tại Đông Nam Á được trải nghiệm sự tiện lợi của những phương thức thanh toán không dùng tiền mặt để tận hưởng những chuyến xe thoải mái hơn.

Khách hàng mua khoản tín dụng để nạp vào tải khoản GrabPay Credits trên ứng dụng => Khách hàng sử dụng tài khoản GrabPay Credits để thanh toán cho các cuốc xe => Giảm giá sẽ được áp dụng sau khi hoàn thành cuốc xe(nếu có), hiển thị trên hóa đơn điện tử và sẽ được trừ vào tài khoản GrabPay Credits.

Khách hàng có thể nạp tiền vào GrabPay Credits bằng thẻ Master và Visa, hoặc qua tính năng internet banking của các ngân hàng ACB, BIDV, Maritime Bank, MB Bank, Sacombank, Techcombank, Vietcombank, Đông Á và Viettinbank.

Tiến tới, Grab sẽ mở rộng các điểm nạp tiền truớc nhằm mang lại sự tiện lợi tối đa cho trải nghiệm di chuyển của khách hàng.

Thời gian tiền được nạp vào tài khoản tùy theo phương thức thanh toán và đối tác tài chính. Tất cả các giao dịch bằng thẻ tín dụng (Visa/ Master) sẽ được nạp vào ngay lập tức. Các giao dịch còn lại sẽ được nạp vào trong thời gian tối đa 30 phút.

Không. Khách hàng chỉ có thể sử dụng tín dụng của khách hàng để thanh toán chuyến đi của mình trên ứng dụng Grab.

Tài khoản GrabPay Credits tại Việt Nam không thể vượt quá 999,999 VND, bao gồm bao gồm số dư hiện tại, phần nạp thêm và khuyến mã.

Tài khoản tín dụng của khách hàng sẽ hết hạn sau một năm khách hàng không thực hiện bất cứ giao dịch nào từ tài khoản của khách hàng. Để gia hạn thời hạn sử dụng, bạn có thể sử dụng thanh toán hoặc nạp số dư vào tài khoản.

Có thể, tùy điều kiện áp dụng của mã Khuyến Mãi.

Tuy nhiên, số dư trong tài khoản GrabPay Credits của khách hàng phải còn đủ hoặc nhiều hơn giá trị của chuyến đi chưa giảm giá.

Ngoài GrabCar, GrabPay Credits còn áp dụng cho GrabTaxi Hà Nội, GrabBike Tp.HCM, GrabBike Hà Nội.

Không. Tương tự như việc hiện tại khách hàng không thể kết hợp hình thức thanh toán GrabPay và Tiền Mặt. Tài khoản Grab của khách hàng phải có số dư ít nhất bằng với giá cước hiển thị trên ứng dụng trước khi khách hàng đặt xe.

Không. Khách hàng chỉ có thể sử dụng tín dụng của khách hàng để thanh toán chuyến đi của mình trên ứng dụng Grab.

Không. Tín dụng không được hoàn tiền hoặc quy đổi thành tiền mặt qua hệ thống của chúng tôi.

Không. GrabPay Credits chỉ có hiệu lực thanh toán trong phạm vi quốc gia khách hàng nạp tín dụng. Khách hàng có thể nạp tín dụng tại các nước khác và sử dụng tín dụng này để thanh toán chuyến đi tại nước đó.