Introducing GrabCar Plus in Vietnam

Enjoy the best of both world: luxury model cars and service of our top-performing drivers. GrabCar Plus guarantees a higher quality ride experience at an affordable rate.

  • Total charges include: in-app displayed fares and surcharges.

1. In-app displayed fares:

GrabCar Plus in Ho Chi Minh City
Min Fare30.000 for 2 first km
Price per km11.500đ per km
Price per min500đ/min
GrabCar Plus in Hanoi
Min Fare30.000 for 2 first km
Price per km10.000đ per km
Price per min500đ/phút
GrabCar Plus in Danang
Min Fare30.000đ
Price per km13.000đ /km
Price per min800đ /min

Based on demand/supply in the area, the dynamic pricing will be applied to the basic fare.

2. Surcharge includes:

  • Toll fee, airport entry fee, etc.
  • Change of route will be charged 30.000 VND/stop, each within 5km, no more than 3 stops.
  • When change route, if distance is farther than 5km please book a new trip.
  • During the trips, if consumers decides to leave the car on half of the way (before arriving at the destination booked on the application), 100% of fares will be applied.
  • In order to ensure the transparency and accuracy, Grab will not refund your extra TIP to the driver by GrabPay.
  • GrabCar trips do not carry in goods or animals prescribed by the Ministry of Transportation.