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HCMC: 090 988 4444
Đà Nẵng: 090 234 2604

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Hiện tại hệ thống chúng tôi đang quá tải. Quý Đối Tác vui lòng liên hệ với chúng tôi qua số điện thoại: HCM: 090 988 4444; HN: 090 983 4444; Đà Nẵng: 090 234 2604.

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Why Drive With GrabCar?

Legalized Occupation

GrabCar is the only transport application that is piloted and supervised by Ministry of Transportation. This means the job will be stable and legitimate for you.

Stable Income

With more passengers take rides with us everyday, the opportunities to earn are endless, and so is your income. Also, with our newest vertical GrabShare, you could earn even more!

Special incentives for GrabCar driver

Get frequent service training seminars to help enhancing your service skillsets to become 5 STAR Driver. with regular Grab incentives program .

Simple and legal process with 24/7 support

After registered, we will send an email with detail information on paperwork process. Also, we will contact you within 48h to for job consultation and setting up meeting with potential car owners.



Đăng ký tại


Trong vòng 48 tiếng, Grab sẽ gọi lại để hướng dẫn tài xế chuẩn bị hồ sơ cá nhân.


Sau khi chuẩn bị đầy đủ hồ sơ cá nhân, Grab sẽ mời tài xế lên tham dự ngày hội việc làm hàng tuần để giới thiệu tài xế với chủ xe có nhu cầu - thông tin được gửi qua email của tài xế sau khi đăng ký thành công.


Nếu tài xế và chủ xe thỏa thuận xong, cùng lên văn phòng để kích hoạt trở thành tài xế và bắt đầu đón khách


DriversRequired documentsDocuments for substitution
National Identiy Card or PassportPicture of the originalCopy with legal authorisation (no less than 6 months)
Driver License B2 and AbovePicture of the original
Health certificate for drivers with B2 License

(with drug test, no more than 3 months)
Need original document
Judicial Records No. 1 or No. 2 (No more than 5 months)Can submit within 30 daysSơ yếu lý lịch (Không quá 6 tháng)

Bản gốc Lý Lịch Tư Pháp vẫn phải bổ sung trong 30 ngày
Android smartphone with OS 4.5 or above:
Sony, Asus, Samsung... to install driver app (except iPhone, Nokia...)

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How Grab Works

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  • Method 1 : Through the Driver App on the driver’s phone
  • Method 2 : Request a Statement of Accounts from your cooperative
  • Method 3: Request Grab to create a car-owner account with a view of your driver’s bookings

According to Decree 24/QĐ BGTVT, cars with seats between 4 and 9 and within the commercial vehicle expiration (8 years) are eligible to join Grab. Pick-up trucks are not eligible.

The following documents can be submitted after registering:

  • Background Check 1 or 2 within 30 days
  • Contract Car Badge within 15 days

Other than those listed above, all paperwork must be submitted to begin driving.

You can come and have a check-up at hospitals in this city, require a health check-up for drivers with B2 License, forms for medical check-up will be available there, don’t forget to order an urine drug testing to complete the required papers.

To submit this declaration for criminal record, please bring your Identity Card, Household registration book to City Justice Department and require for a Declaration for criminal record No1 form then fill in the information.
After receiving all the information needed, Justice Department will make an appointment and give you the Declaration for criminal record.

Confirmation of conduct is issued by Ward Police, confirmed in the time you living in that location without criminal convictions.

Depending on the place and time, yours Judicial Records will take 20 to 30 days.

GrabCar currently operates in 2 cities: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City.