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GrabHour is now available in Danang

GrabHour is a licensed private chauffeuring service where the fares are calculated by hours, not distance. Thus, your trip will be destination-flexible with our hourly fixed fare packages.

Total charges include: in-app displayed fares and surcharges.

1. In-app displayed fares:

No. HourGrabHour 4 seatsGrabHour 7 seats
5550,000 VND650,000 VND
8800,000 VND960,000 VND
10950,000 VND1,050,000 VND
Toll fee if exceeded booking time
100,000 VND/ 60 minutes
Waiting time for 45th minutes is 100,000 VND
Waiting time for 70th minutes is 200,000 VND

Based on demand/supply in the area, the dynamic pricing will be applied to the basic fare.

2. Surcharge includes:

  • Toll fee, airport entry fee, etc.
  • GrabHour applied in center of Da Nang city and Hoi An only. For further destination, please book new services.
  • During the trips, if consumers decides to leave the car on half of the way, 100% of fares will be applied.
  • In order to ensure the transparency and accuracy, Grab will not refund your extra TIP to the driver by GrabPay.
  • GrabHour trips do not carry in goods or animals prescribed by the Ministry of Transportation.

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