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Announcement – How to CANCEL a ride

Dear partners,

In order to ensure convenience for drivers when picking up passengers, GrabTaxi, Ltd publishes this announcement:

From now on, drivers do not need to contact our hotlines but will be able to cancel a ride by themselves right on the app if appropriate.
1. Cases considered as “Cancel for appropriate reason”
– Drivers cannot contact to the customers
– Drivers came to the pick-up location but the customer changed their minds
– Customers booked the wrong service. For example, mistakes between GrabTaxi and GrabCar, between 7-seat and 4-seat cars, etc
– Bookings out of the serving areas (suburban areas or rural rides)
2. How to cancel a ride

However, we still strictly manage the actions of drivers, and if the high rate of cancelling is too high, we will give necessary punishments.
We always wish to cooperate and support our partners.

GrabTaxi team