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Adjustment to Money Refill at Support Centers – Since 25/12/2015

About the adjustment to money refill timeline and procedure at support centers for GrabCar and GrabTaxi drivers.
Dear partners,

In order to ensure convenience for our partners and drivers when refilling money into wallets at support centers, GrabTaxi, Ltd publishes this announcement:

• Refill timeline: since Monday to Suturday in working time of the support center.
• Subject: GrabCar drivers in Hanoi and HCMC, GrabTaxi drivers in Hanoi
• Shift 1: reception since 8h- 10h: money will be refilled at 12h
• Shift 2: reception since 10h- 13h: money will be refilled at 15h
• Shift 3: reception since 13h- 15h: money will be refilled at 17h

Upon reception, please kindly show us your personal documents (ID card/Passport/Driving License) and a smartphone with GrabTaxi Driver app to get supports from our centers.

Please pay attention to your wallet’s current balance to ensure smoothness during operation.
This announcement is officially applied since 25/12/2015
We always wish to cooperate and support our partners.

GrabTaxi, Ltd