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Dear drivers,
After 1 year of operation in Vietnam, GrabTaxi has never stopped growing strong. The number of bookings we have reached everyday is getting more and more stable. The trust from customers has been built. That is made from the support of our drivers. On our road to develop a community for drivers, GrabTaxi will convey more rewarding policies for our drivers as well as ensure the drivers’ benefits once they join GrabTaxi.
Increasing personal income
Receiving more rides everyday
Saving time and 30% of petrol expense
No need to search or rival for passengers
Safety during working
Well knowing about the passengers’ information and itinerary
In order to enhance quality of the service and satisfaction of the customers, GrabTaxi hope our drivers will always follow 6 steps for a professional driver. Being professional during operating and good serving etiquettes will impress our customers, which helps popularize GrabTaxi in Vietnam.
Step 1
Accepting a booking
– Press deny if unable to pick up (ex: broken car, broken tire, traffic jam, etc). Must accept short rides
– Accept only when not having passengers in the car
Step 2
Winning a booking
– Immediately call the customer to confirm the passenger’ information, location and time to pick up. Inform the customer about the car brand, the number of seats and possible time to pick up.
– Look up the map from the current place to the customer’s location to know the route best.
Step 3
Departing to pick up
– Inform the customer that you came to his/her location
– Greet and confirm once more to avoid wrong picks.
Step 4
– If the passenger sits at the back seat, the drivers have to push the seat next to his up so that the passenger can feel more comfortable.
– Close the windows, turn on the air conditioner.
Step 5
– Confirm whether the passenger has inserted the promotion code or not
– Turn off the speaker and music
– Do not start the conversation with the customers (complaining, telling stories, etc)
– Do not use phone
– Do not tell the customer’s itinerary to the others
– Confirm the drop-off location
– Do not exceed the limited speed, press the horn noisily
– Do not press “drop off” if the passenger is not finished
Step 6
Finishing the trip
– Confirm the exact price on the calculator
– Access the actual money of the trip to the bill
– Do not round the amount
– Actively give back the returns
– Do not suggest tip money
– Take the money and say thanks
– Remind the passenger of rating their satisfaction
– Remind of rechecking the passenger’s belongings before drop-off
– Say goodbye and wish to see again
– Do not use the phone number and details of the passenger not for picking up, do not discuss on the passenger’s lost items. Completely respect the passenger’s privacy.