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9000 free rides everyday – from now to September 30th – are waiting for you!!

Celebrating your support since day one, we are more than honored to give you 9000 free rides everyday from now to the end of September. From September 24th 2016 to September 30th 2016, 9000 free rides (up to 50.000 Dong each) are waiting for Ho Chi Minh user to win!

To claim your excited free rides, simply key in the Promo code “9000“. There will be 2 slots from 8:00am and 2:00pm, each slot only have 4500 rides so you better be fast. Once succeeded, you will get a message that said “Your free rides are free up to 50.000 Dong”. Don’t be sad if your promo code is invalid, it means the designated rides of the slot are running out and you have 5 more days to redeem your luck 😉

– All Grabcar and GrabCar SUV users in Ho Chi Minh city are eligible
– Fare are deducted up 50.000 Dong for every ride. We will not cash you back if your rides are under 50.000 Dong and you will have to pay the rest if the rides are exceeded 50.000 Dong.
– You will have only 2 free rides for your valid promo code everyday in the duration of this promotion.
– Only Grab’s account and/or mobile device are eligible for this promotion as a unit. Phones with more than one SIM card and/or more than one Grab’s account, are counted as one unit.
– The promotion will end on September 30th 2016
– For more information, contact our call center: (08)7108 7108