COVID-19 together

Stay updated about our efforts to keep you safe.

Dear Grab community,

We recognise the huge impact that the coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused to your daily lives. We are doing everything we can across Southeast Asia to fight this global pandemic with you.


We’re raising safety and hygiene standards for our passengers and customers by:
  • Recommending Contactless Delivery to limit physical contact with Delivery-partners.
  • Providing face masks and hand sanitisers to Driver- and Delivery-partners. We have distributed over 1 million pieces across the region, and are doing our best to get more.
  • Encouraging our Partners to check their temperature daily and get medical help if they are unwell.
  • Temporarily suspending the accounts of Partners who confirm they are unwell until they submit a medical certificate to prove they are free from COVID-19.


We’re protecting our Driver-partners by:
  • Offering medical subsidies to encourage those who feel unwell to see a doctor immediately, for our 4-wheeled driver-partners.
  • Providing financial assistance in case of quarantine or hospitalisation for those who are infected.
  • Collaborate with Muang Thai Life Assurance supporting special subvention for driver-partners that found infected with COVID-19 (More Information)


We’re supporting merchants who are experiencing a decrease in in-store dining by:
  • Driving more sales for the local and independent Merchant-partners currently on our platform through Support Local Restaurant campaign
  • Speeding up the process of bringing local merchants onto Grab to reach a wider customer base.


We’re collaborating with local authorities and government bodies by:
  • Providing 24/7 contact tracing support.
  • Cascading the latest industry safety and hygiene standards to our partners.
  • Supporting doctors and healthcare professionals with 300,000 exclusive discounts
  • Introducing JustGrab (Curfew Hours), a ride service for essential travel enables passengers to travel to-from hospitals and airports during 8pm – 4am in the Bangkok area
  • Facilitate food delivery for home isolation patients with safety and hygiene standards. under the supervision of the hospital via Grab Express service

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety Resources

Important information for Customers and Passengers

For GrabFood and GrabExpress, we have:


Rolled out Contactless Delivery

  • With GrabChat, you can tell our Delivery-partner where to drop off your food or order e.g. at the door.
  • This helps to minimise physical contact.


Educated our partners (Merchants and Delivery-partners) about food hygiene

  • Done virtually via Grab channels.
  • Emphasize to GrabMart and GrabExpress driver-partners to often wash their hands, before and after contact Packaging to be sent to you
  • Emphasize to driver-partners to always wearing their face mask while driving and cleaning their vehicle including frequently exposed area i.e. car’s door handle


Educated our partners to maintain Social Distancing

  • No more than 10 people should be in one place.


Collaborated with Department of Health encourage restaurants that retain hygiene standard

  • We gather all the restaurant that wins The “Clean Food Good Taste” title for you to ensure your safety and hygiene and easily order from our app

For Grab rides, we have:

Distributed masks, hand sanitisers, and disinfectant sprays to Driver-partners

  • Increase in-car hygiene standards.
  • Collaborating with Lifebuoy to distribute 150,000 units of Lifebuoy hand sanitisers
  • Collaborating with Central Pattana offer a transportation solution with a special discount on vaccination rides to and from Covid-19 vaccination centres at all 23 branches of Central department stores across the country

For overall precaution, we have:

Updated the Grab Help Centre in our app so anyone can make a report if they notice our partner might be unwell, after which:

  1. An agent will contact the partner;
  2. If the partner confirms they are unwell, we will temporarily suspend their account;
  3. The partner will have their account restored after they submit a Medical Certificate that proves they are free from COVID-19.

What you can do:

Important information for Driver- and Delivery-partners

We will provide:


Medical subsidies to test for COVID-19

  • THB 500 for testing fee at a clinic for 4-wheel Driver-partners.


Compensation and Income Protection Insurance for Driver-partners medically affected by COVID-19

  • One-time pay-out of THB 2,000 if diagnosed.
  • THB 500 per day (max 15 days) if hospitalised.


Assistance for all Driver- and Delivery-partners on existing GrabFinance policies

  • Subsidised interest rates.
  • Access to emergency cash loans.

For more information, refer to:


Special support for transport driver partners

  • Driver-partners who normally provide transportation services with cars, either GrabCar or GrabTaxi, can choose to also deliver food and packages on the Grab platform.

More information

How you can stay safe:

Important information for Merchant-partners

We're giving:


GrabFood adjusted commission fee to 0%

  • Adjusting commission fee to 0% for Self Pick-up order to reduce their expenses


Supporting small merchant partners across the country

  • Supporting various media including Banner Ads, PR, and social media content to increase visibility and accessibility for merchants

What Food Merchants should do:

What Non-food Merchants should do: