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Reduce your daily transportation cost with our newly launched feature

My Destination หาผู้โดยสารไปทางเดียวกัน

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My Destination

When driving to office, how much do you spend for gas, expressway fee and other transportation expenses?

Earn more and reduce cost with our “My Destination” feature which helps you find passengers who are traveling to the same direction. This helps subsidizing your expenses.

Click to play the vdo below to learn how My Destination can help you earn.

How to sign up:

  1. Fill out the form on top
  2. Prepare your docs which include ID card, driving license, bank book, compulsory insurance and letter of consent if it’s not your car.
  3. Come to Grab TH office for training. On the 17th, 24th and 31st of March, we also have training session at ABAC and DPU. See schedule and more details at
  4. Start driving, start earning

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Sign up requirements

  1. Driving license
  2. Own a car aged not over 10 years, if using somebody else’s car, please provide letter of consent
  3. If your car is a truck, must be 4-door type only and aged not over 5 years

Sign up for GC and start using My Destination right away.

Why use My Destination feature?

It helps you earn while driving to work, and subsidize your transportation expenses.

Make your time on the roads most worthy

Meet new people, new connection

Easy way to increase your savings

How to use My Destination

Just select your destination and we’ll find you passengers who wish to travel to the same direction. You can use this feature twice a day.

After you sign up as GC driver, you can start using My Destination right away.

My Destination - smart choice to subsidize


Sign up here and start using

Unlimited. You can set the destination twice a day but doesn’t limit number of trips/jobs. For example…

No, it does limit you to take only passengers who wish to travel to the same destination, You may find those who are going to nearby destinations, as long as it’s the same direction as yours.

Then it won’t be counted as a complete usage. You’ll still have your quota.

Yes. You can pin up to 5 destinations. So it will be quick and easy to get started.