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Why rent with GrabGo?

Cheapest rental fee

Our rental fee is the cheapest in the market

No need to return the car everyday

You can keep the car with you all the time. Only return when the contract is due.

Free! 1st-class insurance

Our free 1st-class insurance is included in the package to help you drive with confidence.

Why drive with Grab?

More jobs, more earnings

We have the largest growing customer base in Thailand! You can earn you over 20,000THB/Week

Be your own boss

With GrabCar, you're in control. You choose when, and how long to work. Drive smart to maximise earnings with minimal time commitment.

Expand your network

Whether you're a property agent, sales executive, or even a freelance photographer, you get to build new contacts while boosting your income - all without compromising your day job!


Upsize your earnings with our attractive weekly incentives

Exclusive Benefits

Grab believes in providing continuous support and education to our drivers and their loved ones. With exclusive partner deals, we are committed to improving your lives - on and off the road

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Minimum contract lasts 3 months. Tenants need to pay deposit fee and weekly charges.

After 3rd month without violating any regulations

Nissan Almera (LPG)

We care about your convenience that you don’t have to return the car until the contract is due.

You’ll need to complete certain rides as required, pay rental fee on time for at least 4 consecutive times and have a star rating of 4.7 or above.