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What other businesses did

Success story 01
See how McDonald’s targeted strategic keywords

Target menu-inspired keywords

McDonald’s strategy

To attract customers and increase sales in the Philippines, McDonald’s bumped up its listing
in the GrabFood search results by targeting 12 keywords relevant to its menu items.

Formats used


20 days

Click through rate

Check out rate


Return on ad spend

Success story 02
See how Starbucks promoted its bundle deal

Show off a bundle deal

Starbucks’s strategy

To increase the sales of its Caramel Macchiato bundle deal in Indonesia, Starbucks made sure it had an attractive ad and top spot on GrabFood. It received 19,904 orders, which exceeds
Grab’s benchmark of 3x return on ad spend.

Formats used


15 days

Click through rate

Check out rate

Return on ad spend

Tips for you


Direct users to checkout with your discount or promo code auto applied


Use a clear, focused image of the product or theme


Use a clear call-to-action to drive your target audience to complete the action

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