Places hunter festival is back for 2022

📍 We’re back again to look for the place hunter of 2022
This time, we’re offering a ton of prizes and more special every month
Simply pin a new place on the map and get money for every pin
Also, get a chance to win a special discount every month

🔥 The more places you pin, the more chances you get to win the bigger prizes🔥

📍 How to pin new locations in a few clicks!


Also, get a chance to win special prizes every month

✔️  Special Prizes for 1st-3rd Place of the month:

  • Central Gift Voucher 300 Baht
  • Starbucks Discount 200 Baht
  • GrabFood Promotion code 100 Baht

✔️  Prize for Boost up of the festive month: Central Voucher 500 Baht

✔️  Prizes of the Quarter:

  • Jan – Mar: Airpods 3rd Generation (6,790 Baht)
  • Apr – Jun: Air Ticket travel to Phuket 2 seats round trip (6,000 Baht)
  • Jul – Sep: Marshall Emberton Speaker (6,990 Baht) and more
  • Oct – Dec: Air Ticket travel to Chiang Mai 2 seats round trip (6,000 Baht) and more


Easy steps to join and win

  1. Join our Facebook group “POI Competition Campaign” or click here
  2. Submit the new places where you find out
  3. Stay tuned for special prizes every month!


*Terms and conditions apply


Terms and Condition

Point of Interest Crowdsourcing Contest Terms

  1. These Contest Terms govern the Point of Interest (“POI”) Crowdsourcing Contest (“Contest”) and are to be read together with Grab’s Transport, Delivery and Logistics Terms of Service (“Terms of Service”) and the relevant section on Point of Interest Contributions in it which shall apply to your submission of POIs. Unless otherwise defined in these Contest Terms, the terms in these Contest Terms shall have the same meaning as that in the Terms of Service.


  1. In order to participate in the Contest, you must have a valid and existing Grab User account. You are not eligible to participate in the Contest in a given Contest period if (a) your Grab User account has been terminated or suspended during that Contest period or (b) you or your immediate relative currently work(s) for, with or in Grab in any capacity.

Contest period:

  1. The Contest period(s) shall be determined by Grab and notified to you in the Application.

Conditions of participation:

  1. Privacy:

4.1. By entering or participating in the Contest, you agree to Grab using and disclosing your personal data, including your Grab-registered name and profile picture for the purposes of administering the Contest and related promotional and marketing purposes. For more information on how Grab processes your personal data, please refer to our Privacy Notice available at

4.2. Your Grab-registered name and profile picture will be visible to others. You should not participate in the Contest if you do not agree to this.

4.3. Before submitting any photo(s) or reference(s) of the POI to Grab, you agree to delete, redact or anonymise any personal data.

4.4. By submitting any photo(s) or references(s) of the POI to Grab, You agree that you cannot provide or disclose such data to any other party/parties.

4.5. You hereby represent and warrant that by providing photo(s) or reference(s) of  POI, you have obtained the necessary consent for such data to be provided to Grab to be collected, used or processed by Grab for the purposes of administering the Contest and related promotional and marketing purposes.


  1. At the end of each Contest period, Grab will notify you if you have won a prize. Where a prize is to be sent to you offline:

5.1. The prize will be forfeited if you do not provide the requisite delivery details;

5.2. Grab will not be responsible if the prize is lost or damaged in the delivery process; and

5.3. no compensation or replacement will be provided for forfeited, lost or damaged prizes.

  1. The prizes will be determined by Grab at its sole discretion. Grab may change the prizes at any time, and the prizes for each Contest period may differ.
  2. Grab is not responsible for any rejection or removal of POIs submitted which may result in you being removed from the Contest or disqualified from receiving a prize. No appeal, claims or correspondence will be entertained.


  1. Grab shall not be liable for any loss, damage, costs or injury arising out of or in relation to your participation in this Contest.
  2. Grab will not be responsible for any defect, the quality of or fitness of any aspect of the prizes.
  3. Grab may amend these Contest Terms at any time without prior notification to you.