We’re making cancellation fairer for everyone.

We understand that getting canceled on can be frustrating. Whether you’re a passenger who’s been waiting for a ride to get to an urgent appointment or a driver who’s already made the effort to get to a passenger.

For passengers, we’ve put in place both incentives and penalties to discourage drivers from making unnecessary cancellations. But it’s only fair that we take care of our driver-partners too. For many of them, Grab serves as a main source of income, and when passengers cancel at the last minute, or don’t show up for their ride, drivers waste fuel and miss out on earnings they could have gotten from taking another job.

That’s why from 4 November 2019, we are improving our cancellation policy*.

The updates will still give passengers the flexibility of cancelling a booking they’ve just made, at the same time ensuring drivers get compensated fairly for their time and effort travelling to you.

All cancellations you make within 500 meters distance away from their job pick-up point, or within 3 minutes after allocated are free-of-charge.

For example, if you are allocated a ride for more than 3 minutes and you cancel while it’s still within 500 meters distance away from their job pick-up point, there will be no cancellation.

You will only be charged a cancellation fee between THB 10 to THB 50 in the following situations:

a. When the driver is already on the way with over 500 meters distance away from their job pick-up point and

b. When you cancel after 3 minutes counting from the time of your ride allocation or

c. When you do not show up for your ride at the pick-up point longer than 10 – 20 minutes (depends on the service type)

Cancellation fee will be applied only when a. and b. occur at the same time.

*This cancellation policy will apply to all services except GrabFood, GrabExpress and GrabFresh.

Cancellation Fee details

City Service Booked Late Cancellation time (mins) Cancellation Fee No Show time (mins) No Show Fee
All cities that the service is available
  GrabVan 3 THB 15 10 THB 15
GrabDriveYourCar 3 THB 100 20 THB 100
GrabBike 3 THB 10 10 THB 10

How will I be charged for this cancellation fee?

If you’re on GrabPay, this amount will be deducted directly from credit/debit card.

For passengers using cash, the fee will be added automatically to your next ride’s fare.

The driver for your next trip will be informed to collect this fee on Grab’s behalf.

Do these cancellation fees go to Grab?

100% of the fee goes to your driver when you cancel your booking late, or don’t show up on time for your ride. This compensates your driver for his or her time on the road. We expect this policy update to affect less than 1% of our bookings, as the majority of passengers don’t change their minds after booking.  Just keep doing your part by being on time and booking your ride only when you’re ready to go!

Okay, but what if I cancel because my driver’s not moving, or taking too long to arrive? Will I get charged?

We encourage you to first check in with your driver via call or GrabChat. He or she might be caught in heavy traffic, or might have accidentally missed a turn. However, if you do feel the need to cancel because your ride’s taking much longer than indicated to arrive, you will not be charged. Just as we’re able to show you your driver’s current location, we have safeguards in place to detect if the driver’s not moving towards you.

Cancellation fees will also be waived if your driver does not arrive within 10 minutes after the first-shown estimated time of arrival. For example, if you are allocated a driver who is 3 minutes away, but you’ve waited for more than 13 minutes (i.e. 3 mins + 10 mins), your cancellation will be free.

My driver cancelled the ride immediately after arriving, and did not wait for me. Will I still get charged?

No, all drivers will need to wait for at least 10 minutes before a fee can be charged. If your driver cancels the ride before this waiting time is up, you will not be charged.

What if my driver indicates that he or she has arrived, but is not at my pick-up location? Will I be charged for not showing up?

We can detect the driver’s current location. In such situations, you will never be charged for ‘not showing up’.

We believe that this update makes cancellations fairer for everyone. When you cancel your ride within 3 minutes, you’re freeing up the ride for other riders, and you benefit when other riders do the same. Everyone will be able to get their rides faster.

We’re constantly introducing improvements to our system based on feedback from our users, and as part of our commitment to keep improving and be #bettereveryday for everyone.