GrabWander x Udon

GrabWander x Udon

Celebrate this festive time of the year by visiting Udon, the vibrant northeastern province perfect for a Songkran trip!

Get into the mood of the Thai’s New Year festival in a land of prehistoric sites, lush nature, and unique cultures. There are also emerging new spots that you need to check out as well as malls and cafés. If you’re still not sure where to start, just browse away at these 5 recommended places from GrabWander.

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Wolf’s Den

The bolder you are, the bigger you can be! Step inside Wolf’s Den and get ready to be inspired by the place’s concept: people need friends to support them and nourish their ideas; making it a perfect spot for hanging out and sharing thoughts with company.

Take in the no-nonsense yet warm and encouraging atmosphere. Take your pick from their extensive range of morning and late-night drinks. Aside from that, the eatery also serves mouthwatering bites like Piggy Nacho, Grilled Australian Beef Rice, Spinach Pasta Carbonara, Turmeric Chicken, Banoffee, Tiramisu and more.

Location: 43/33-34, Srisuk Road, Mak Kheang, Maung

TwoSons Café

Double your happiness level at TwoSons Café, Udon’s warm and cozy haven that will greet you like a family as well as embrace you with its super green surroundings.

Made from old woods, the house is filled with rustic vibe and wonderment. It is also enveloped by lush garden and dotted with ceramic knickknacks. To top it off, there are various goodies beckoning for a bite: homemade pizzas, Honey Toast, Ham & Bacon Cheese Brick, and scrumptious cakes.

Location: 31/8 Udon Dusadee Road, Muang

Thai-Chinese Cultural Centre

Get your Qipao ready, because you’ll need to blend into the full-on Mainland surroundings at this Thai-Chinese Cultural Centre.

The Cultural Centre was spawned from the long-esteemed Pu Ya Shrine and aimed to be the center of the Thai-Chinese community as well as to preserve the cultures and philosophical principles of its ancestors. In addition to the shrine, it boasts gorgeous Chinese garden with koi pond, a museum showcasing the 120 years history of the province’s Thai-Chinese people and a tea shop with impressive vibe to make you feel as if you’re in one of the period dramas.

Location: 888, 39 Road, Neramit Shrine, Mak Kheang, Muang

DOSE Factory

Make your day even better at Dose Factory, a charming think space that wants you to unleash great ideas or just have a good time with friends in its inspiring, vibrant venue.

Dose Factory takes itself very seriously. The staff, who call themselves Dosers, will make sure you enjoy that cup of coffee by letting you choose the beans (roasted in-house) and filter drips. They also offer fresh-pressed juice alongside homemade dishes like pizzas, pastas, salads, steaks, and cakes.

Location: 112/1 Naresuan Alley, Mak Kheang, Muang

Phothisomphon Temple

Another reason that makes Udon a popular destination in the region is the province’s old and beautiful temples. One such temple is the revered Phothisomphon Temple, a “must” in visiting here.

The royal monastery Phothisomphon Temple was built in the reign of King Rama V. People frequent here for its beauty as well as to pay respect to many notable statues dated back to the Sukhothai and Lopburi eras. Moreover, the temple owns a Bodhi Tree gifted from Sri Lanka and houses the ash of Mun Bhuridatta (Luang Pu Mun), the renowned master in meditation.

Location: 22 Mak Kheang, Muang