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If you feel like you’ve explored all of Bangkok but don’t want to travel all the way to another corner of the country for a trip, you’re in for a treat! Just a few hours from the metropolitan area, you can simply dig your feet in the sand at Pattaya or stroll around the historical city of Ayutthaya.


Near? Far? If it’s in Pattaya, Grab will take you there! This all-time popular destination is a perfect combination of an upbeat city and relaxing beachside spots. Not to mention gorgeous temples, limitless activities and, of course, the abundance of fresh seafood.


Are you ready to relive the past? Visit Ayutthaya and you will feel just that. An old capital of Siam, Ayutthaya is the home of the Historical Park selected by UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wander around enjoying the fascinating sights of the ruins or visit some of many world-renowned temples, as well as elephant camps and museums. Don’t forget to try the country’s best Grilled Giant River Prawns before heading home with a happy heart AND stomach.

It’s safe to say that each province in the northeastern Thailand boasts such diversities from one another that the Isan part is just as flavorful as a Som Tum, the famous dish of the region. Another reason to visit is the hospitality and friendliness of people. So wherever you decide to land first, we’re sure you’ll love it there!

Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen might be the first name that comes up when you think of an Isan province to visit. And rightly so: it’s buzzing with the known hospitality of northeastern locals, it’s filled with big malls, and it’s the home to a lot of revered temples.

Get the full-on Isan experience at a province with the right blend of rooted regional culture and traditions: Khon Kaen. Pack up and let’s go!


Being Thailand’s largest province, there’s no wonder Nakhon Ratchasima (better known as Korat) can cater to any kinds of trip one could think of.

At Korat, you can surround yourself with peace and quiet at Khao Yai National Park or go back in time at various historical parks. Tourists are also told not to forget to drop by two of the most-visited Thao Suranari Monument and Ban Rai Temple for good luck.


Ubon might not be on your radar before, but once you’ve been here we guarantee that you’ll fall in love and wish that your holiday would be longer.

Most tourists might not know that this easternmost province are dotted with countless attractions so varied in styles that they range from national parks to sand dunes and canyons. Now, grab a map and get ready to choose which places will be your next stops.


Visiting Udon will make you want to be Indiana Jones (or Lara Croft, your choice) as it’s the home to archeological sites dated back to the prehistory or about 5,000 years ago.

That being said, Udon doesn’t only have ancient sights to offer as there are ever-emerging new spots that a snap will make your IG page blows up. So whether you’re there for the history lessons or just want to sit back at relax at some cool cafés, you’ll find that Udon is just the right place.


Known to the rest of the country by its football club namesake, Buriram is also famous as the province with the most “stone castles,” grand temple complexes in Hindu or Khmer styles. Aside from the historical significance, Buriram also houses a number of natural wonders and various attractions deserving of the meaning of its name “the province of joyous living.”

The North of Thailand is not only “a must” for its culture, nature, and hip spots; but it’s also a perfect haven to escape the heat of April.

Chiang Mai

This summer calls for Chiang Mai! Reward yourself by taking in the province’s astonishing nature of lush maintains and waterfalls. The city is also dubbed “hipsters’ paradise” with spoilt-for-choice cafés and hangout spots.

Chiang Rai

The higher you go, the happier you could be! Pack up to Chiang Rai, the northernmost province of Thailand to take a break from all the city’s hustle and bustle. Unwind while being surrounded with impressive greenery or fill up your tummy with authentic northern dishes. Chiang Rai is also an up-and-coming artist center with various galleries and jaw-dropping attractions.

Make your summer travel in Thailand worthwhile with a visit to the South: the popular destination filled with islands, splendid beaches, active nightlife venues, and endless choices of food.

Hat Yai

From now on, Hat Yai will no longer be just a quick stop to get some souvenirs. As the South’s largest city, it has a well-known big market as well as a big park downtown, cheeky street art and, of course, pristine nature.


As a destination that needs no introduction, Phuket is undoubtedly the delightful province offering anything you could ever want from a seaside town: clean beaches with unique vibes, old temples, alluring Sino-Portuguese architecture and delicious local dishes.


Summer + Samui = a perfect vacay! Have yourself an unforgettable island escape at Samui, one of the world’s all-time favorite tourist destinations dotted with clean beaches, bountiful coral reefs and waterfalls. The city also boasts a number of activities you can choose from; be it snorkeling, golfing, driving ATV, and many more.


Island-hopping is a thing you must do in the “abundance of islands” province of Krabi. This tropical paradise is the right place to be when your feet yearn to touch the sand or your body itches to go for a swim in an ocean.

Nakhon Si Thammarat

Did you know about the latest tourist trend of visiting Nakhon Si Thammarat? Well, now you do!

Treat yourself to a little bit more peace and quiet in this historical province where not a lot of people know has a ton to offer. It’s a unique destination so rich in culture and nature, not to mention the photogenic city scene and delicious food. Make a few clicks to find out more about Nakhon Si Thammarat and we’re sure the next one will be you booking a flight!

Hua Hin

For those of you who want a full beach-town experience minus a flight or having to travel too long, you can opt for a trip to Hua Hin for a quick and wholesome getaway.

Leave the busy Bangkok for a while to have your body and mind recharged at this delightful city where you can laze about the beach, fill your stomach with fresh seafood, go to all the buzzing night markets as well as new gathering spots for art fans and caffeine lovers.