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Your feedback helps us build new personalised “report cards” for our drivers, helping them to improve.

We don’t just care about safety — it’s a way of being in Grab. Here are some ways that we live and breathe our mission.

Weaving Safety & Quality into Our Processes
Grab is the first in the ride-hailing industry to adopt and achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification in all our operations. It means all parts of our business have a commitment to continuous improvement, in order to deliver better safety and quality for you.

Designing Safety into Our Technology
We want to make every ride safer and smoother for you. That’s why we invested in telematics to measure how safe Grab drivers are on the road. This James Bond-esque technology tracks and calculates each vehicle’s speed, how hard it brakes and how rapidly it accelerates. The results: In our trials, we found that drivers reduce their reported driving safety issues by as much as 35%, which in turn helps decrease traffic incidents and promote safer driving.

Turning Your Feedback into Our Mandate
Grab takes all your feedback and ratings seriously. All drivers who have a 3-star rating and below are reviewed by our Safety & Quality team. We also take action against isolated safety or service concerns, and train or discipline drivers who continually fall short of our standards.
As the ratings system is crowdsourced, we encourage you to rate all drivers after each trip and offer useful tips for your driver to improve. Be assured that all feedback is anonymous.
To ensure that we act accurately on your feedback, reserve a bad rating (3-stars and below) for when it really counts — such as when your driver has severely compromised on safety or service standards, and give a word of encouragement when you have received a 5-star treatment!

What’s New: A Weekly “Report Card”
In our bid to use data and technology to drive long-term behavioural change, we have started rolling out weekly “report cards” for all Grab drivers in Singapore. In these highly personalised reports, we provide telematics data to highlight driving safety issues to drivers, e.g. their rate of braking or speeding. The report cards also include the drivers’ ratings, where we remind them that continual below-average ratings could lead to their accounts being deactivated. It’s not all bad news though: our report cards will also include compliments from happy passengers to motivate drivers!

Pro-tip: Forgot to rate your driver right after your ride? Not a problem — you can go into the History section of the Grab app and offer a rating within 72 hours.