Introducing Grab Daily, a lifestyle add-on for your Grab app

GrabDaily is our very own lifestyle add-on for your commutes and beyond. Hint: there’s world cup updates and very addictive games lurking in Grab Daily.

Head to Grab Daily now:
1. Open your Grab App
2. Select the side menu
3. Tap on Grab Daily

Be the first to know World Cup updates
No need to scroll down your social feeds or visit website! Just open Grab app and voila! You can check out all the important updates on World Cup right there on GrabDaily!

Here we have the games for everyday!
Imagine seeing your name on the leaderboard! Now you can begin the battles! Play Boing Boing and Up, Up and Away on GrabDaily now. We’ve warned you! It’s very addictive!

GrabDaily is now available on iOS and Android operated devices.