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ZHNG MY RIDE with GrabHitch!

What is Zhng My Ride?

GrabHitch is being driven by a vibrant community – everyone from engineers to teachers! The variety extends to the cars that the community of drivers use as well – as a platform for non-commercial drivers, the choices of cars as are unique as the drivers themselves.

To celebrate this variety and encourage the community, we formed an exclusive partnership with KGC Auto, Bardahl and YHI to reward a member of our community with a makeover of his/her car!

Zhng My Ride Recap:

The contest ran from 7 to 20 October 2016 during which  we were honored to receive many enthusiastic responses!

All entrants needed to do was to:

1) Upload a picture or video of themselves  and their car on social media and tell us why it needed a good “Zhng”!

2) Tag the post with 2 hashtags – #GrabHitch and #ZhngMyRide

3) Make the post public so it could get as many likes and shares as possible

We invited and you, the community, responded!

In the end it was a hard choice, but the panel of judges narrowed it down to one special driver – Faliq!

Faliq started had been driving with Hitch for a few months when he saw the contest and decided to participate. The judges were moved by his reason for wanting to “zhng” his ride – he was getting married and this was going to be his wedding car!

With Faliq’s Honda Vezel chosen, the GrabHitch team, together with partners KGC, YHI and Bardahl set about their mission to “zhng” his ride and make it something to remember.

We wanted to give it a true and proper makeover, so nothing less than a full team of some of the best names in the industry would do. 


The ‘Zhng’

While the chameleon blue paint was a popular choice, we quizzed Faliq and found out that he was indeed quite keen to have something fresh. Since it was a wedding, we got the hint from Faliq who said he liked bronze and did one better with the premium “bronzit” color – a BMW exclusive paint.

To add an extra bit of “zhng”, DJ, the boss of KGC opted to give the trims a special finish applied through hydrographics – another in-house service available at KGC Workshop. Each panel of the car was meticulously stripped prepared and given the “Zhng My Ride” treatment before the Honda Vezel was sent to the next specialist to work their magic on it.

YHI is a titan in the rims and tyres industry. As the principle for such brands as the Advanti (F1 winners with Mercedes) their house brands have a pedigree rivaled by few others. The only part of the car that is actually in contact with the road is the wheel – with this in mind, the Zhng My Ride team from YHI opted to not only upgrade the look of the Vezel with sportier and more performance oriented 18” Advanti rims – a step up from the original 17” rims it rolled in on, they also hooked Faliq up with sport-oriented Yokohama tyres – now, not only did Faliq’s ride have a whole new look, it had the handling to match.

The engine oil is the unsung hero of the car – the team from Bardahl had it covered! To put the icing on the cake, they provided the Zhng My Ride winner with the some of the most advanced synthetic engine oil on the planet to ensure many friction-free miles and smiles for Faliq, his family and the people GrabHitching with him.

The end result was nothing less than stunning and the entire Zhng My Ride team was honored to present Faliq his ride on the day of the unveil at Grab’s office. Cars as unique as the drivers and passengers who use them – that’s the magic of GrabHitch! 

Here’s a very happy Faliq with his wedding car on his big day!

‘Zhng My Ride’ was made possible thanks to the amazing teams from Bardahl, Koh Guan Chua Workshop and YHI Corporation.

What is GrabHitch 

GrabHitch is a non-commercial social carpooling service that matches you with people who are going along the same route.

  • Hitch a ride with someone who going in the same direction
  • Share the cost of travelling – save on travelling costs and recover some petrol costs
  • Meet new people and network on the way to work


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Bardahl has a long history since 1939. Fullerene is the third known form of stable carbon, besides diamond and graphite. Bardahl is the first company in the world to apply the fullerene chemistry to the sector of lubricants, thus exploiting the fact that the fullerene spheres work like real micro-ball bearing, non-deformable and extremely stable: they interpose between contacting surfaces and reduce friction in their movement. Racing enthusiasts in America found that adding Bardahl to their automobiles gave them an advantage over their competition. These enthusiasts demanded the performance and Bardahl delivered every time. Bardahl has been present in all forms and levels of racing around the world including Formula 1, the Indy Car Circuit, Unlimited Hydroplanes, Airplanes, Off-Road and World Rally Championship Series and such world famous races as the Indianapolis 500, Monto Carlo and the Paris to Dakar.

Established in 2014, TBSD Pte Ltd (Team Bardahl Singapore Distribution) is the official distributor of Bardahl products for automotive & motorcycles in Singapore. TBSD carry a full range of Bardahl products which includes lubricants & additives for gasoline & diesel engines, gear oils, transmission fluids and greases. Presently, TBSD has more than 200 authorized dealers

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YHI Corporation (Singapore) Pte Ltd , a subsidiary of YHI International Limited, is a leading distributor of high quality automotive and industrial products. YHI distributes a diverse range of automotive products to more than 5,000 customers globally, which are global brand names such as Yokohama, Achilles Radial, Enkei, OZ, Hitachi. YHI also have an own range of products under our proprietary brands such as Advanti Racing Alloy Wheels, Neuton Tyres and Neuton Power Batteries.

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Koh Guan Chua Workshop was founded in 6 Sept 1967 by the late Mr. Koh Guan Chua in Sin Ming Industrial Estate, Singapore. Currently the workshop is managed by Mr. Koh Dan Jian (D.J.), the third generation of the family together with a team of experienced staff.

KGC Workshop provides services from interior car maintenance and servicing, gearbox repair, car aircon servicing and computer diagnosis to exterior car bodyworks spray painting, bodykit, upholstery cleaning, car wrapping, car grooming and detailed car paint protection. Even car accessories like in-car camera and aftermarket parts. After sales services including car inspection, car insurance and road tax renewal and insurance claim as well.

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