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Throwing back to our blog post on celebrating our 1 billion rides milestone, we asked you: “What do you envision Grab to be like in ten years’ time?”.

It was a little experiment to hear what you guys have in mind, though we got to admit that we were a little worried about the entries we might receive or if anyone would even respond at all. That said, the results to our experiment exceeded our expectations – we received over 500 submissions! It is really heartening to know that many Grab users were very passionate about sharing their wishlist with us.

Sieving through the entries were both entertaining and inspiring. We got to say that our Grab users are really creative in their responses. Some took the opportunity to share their appreciation (Terimah Kasih!) for Grab, others imagined booking flights on the Grab app (think GrabPlane), and a few envisioned a future powered by biometric verification and artificial intelligence.

We visualised the entries and here’s what the crowd-sourced future of Grab looks like:



Let us respond to some of these wish entries:


“To be the company that enables safe tourism in Southeast Asia, putting an end to all illegal and unscrupulous transport predators lurking at airports awaiting for naive tourists. I experienced being ‘saved’ by Grab during my first solo trip to Vietnam. I had a peace of mind travelling because I knew I wasn’t being ripped off, and I was ‘saved’ as Maps showed me the direction I was headed. Thank you, Grab!”

Editor’s Note: This is a pleasant find on the list of wish entries, as it echoes our founders’ vision of providing safe and reliable transport for passengers not only from one location to the next, but also from one country to another. It is heartening to know that passengers bring the trust and familiarity they have built with Grab in their home country to wherever they are in Southeast Asia. We have just added Phnom Penh to the mix, and is now present in 8 countries, giving you a greater reason to tour Southeast Asia safely and conveniently.


“I wish to be a GrabHeli pilot though it is not available in Malaysia yet. Train me!”

Fun Fact: GrabHeli started out as an innovative ride experiment in Manila, Philippines providing Filipino passengers with an aerial tour of Makati City, Bonifacio Global City and Pasay City.  We then piloted the service in Indonesia last year offering exclusive GrabHeli rides to our top users and driver-partners. Though still in the early stages, this mode of transport could be one possible breakthrough solution to solve the intense gridlock situation daily in Philippines and Indonesia. Executives who are pressed for time and yearn to propel yourself above and away from the woes of a traffic congestion, think GrabHeli.


“Semoga bisa menjadi transportasi penghubung antar Pulau /propinsi” (Hopefully it can be a transportation that connects islands / provinces)

Did you know: We are now in 111 cities and provinces in Indonesia, and we are definitely looking to connect more and better serve local transportation needs. We are also looking into islands where accessibility is a problem for local residents. Pura Island in Alor District, East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia is one example. Consisting of 5,144 residents, eight elementary schools and two junior high schools, the infrastructure on this island makes it difficult for two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles to maneuver, hence boats become the main transportation for teachers and students to go to schools. Driven by the spirit of social carpooling, Grab together with the GrabHitch (Nebeng) driver community donated two boats to make daily transportation more accessible. The solution need not be complicated, as long as it improves the lives of people!


“แกร็บให้บริการทั่วประเทศไทย” (Grab services [to be] available nationwide)

Fun Fact: Nationwide – that’s our dream too to be able to serve more Thai consumers! We are currently in 12 cities in Thailand, from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, to our latest addition, Krabi. For Chiang Mai, we are happy to be given the opportunity to introduce hyperlocal solutions to better connect people in Chiang Mai with the transportation mode that they are most familiar with – RodDaeng or red trucks that can carry up to 9 people at one time. To make this a reality, we also taught local GrabRodDaeng driver-partners how to use smartphones and the Grab app!


“Leading mode of transportation by air and sea!”

Fun fact: Manila is our first country to test our pre-booking chopper service, GrabHeli in 2015. In 2016, Top Gear Philippines shared a photo of a makeshift tricycle pretending to be a GrabTricycle. Grab took the challenge in our stride and rolled out a new GrabTrike service to the delight of passengers. Tricycles are integral to the lives of Filipino commuters, and this is our way of contributing to the Filipino riding culture.

We are open to connecting different transportation modes, food delivery and logistics services on our platform to serve the wide-ranging needs of consumers. Disrupt or be disrupted, so no idea is too far-fetched. Thanks for thinking big with us! While we continue to think about innovation, let’s not lose focus on serving our customers better with existing services.


“Tôi hy vọng vào sự phát triển và hợp tác lâu dài nhằm đảm bảo thu nhập ổn định cho các đối tác tài xế”(I believe that the long-term development & collaboration will bring stable income to driver-partners)

Did you know: In our founding days, when we started with nothing, our driver-partners who believed in us and came on board were our walking, talking billboards. Today, our driver-partners have grown to more 2.4 million across Southeast Asia. We are happy to know that we’ve improved the livelihoods of many driver-partners in Vietnam. A glance at income growth statistics across Southeast Asia shows that Vietnamese driver-partners are earning on average 55% more than an average worker in Vietnam – the highest % in the region!

The Future of Grab – A Super App

While comparing wishes across the different markets, we found that the thought of Grab as a one-stop super app seems to appeal to many. This entry from Singapore aptly underscores the idea:

Grab will be more than just a provider of rides but a community that networks multiple services (food delivery, parcel and logistics etc) in SEA.

Imagine having your daily needs taken care of by the Grab app – starting from the moment you wake up. Order your breakfast on the app through one of our merchant partners as you prepare for the day. When you’re ready to leave, the app maps out the fastest and cheapest route from your home to the office across multiple modes of transport based on real-time traffic conditions. All you have to do is select. While you’re en route, you realized you’ve left your wallet at home – fret not as your wallet has gone mobile with GrabPay, or otherwise, claim your McDonalds meal or Starbucks coffee using your GrabRewards points. In the future of Grab, all different transactions, be it transport, groceries, food, or parcel delivery, can be done and paid seamlessly on a single platform.

The future is not far away.

[Future of Grab Video]

Is this a future you would like to live in? Keep the Future of Grab conversation going by sharing this post and your thoughts. Do remember to tag us @grabxx as well so that we can be part of it! It is only through the many discussions and feedback between people and knowing what our consumers really want that got us here today.