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*Upsized* December Refer-a-Friend Special!

We’ve improved our Refer-a-Friend Special this January, so now it’s even easier for you to earn up to $500 just by referring a friend to us!


If your friend is active on another ride-sharing platform, you earn $500 CASH while he stands to earn up to $4500 in sign-up bonuses & weekly incentives, which includes:

  • $100 welcome credit
  • $100 ACRA reimbursement
  • $250 sign-up cash bonus (after 1 trip)
  • Up to $4000 worth of January Special Incentivevs

Your friend must provide a copy of his past 4 weeks of driver statements (if available) to show that he has:

  • Started driving on other ride-sharing apps on 4 December or earlier
  • Completed at least 1 trip in the last week

If your friend is not driving for any other ride-sharing app, you can also earn up to $500 CASH by referring him to Grab now!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Applies only if new partner owns his car / submits a valid original rental agreement dated before 4 December 2016, completed at least 1 ride on competitor platform before 4 December 2016, & have completed at least 1 ride in past week. Expired rental agreements not eligible. Please submit the last 4 weeks of printed driver statements for verification.
  2. Referrer paid $100 CASH UPFRONT if new partner completes 1 trip by Sunday 2359 of the week of account activation. Payment made the following week. Refer to 5.1 below for the payment terms for the remaining $400. 
  3. More details here 
  4. Applies only if new partner signs a rental agreement with GrabRentals by 31 January 2017. Selected models only. Look out for our daily special offers! (GrabRentals is a rental marketplace where we work with leading fleets to bring you the widest choice of vehicles at the best prices.)
  5. Reward Eligibility:
    1. For REFERRER: Paid in CASH if the new partner completes 1 trip within 2 weeks of account activation. Payment made by Week 4.
    2. For NEW PARTNER:
      1. Signup Bonus: Paid in CASH if completes 1 trip within 2 weeks of activation. Payment made by Week 4.
      2. Welcome Credit: Paid in CREDIT upon account activation; (i) $100 Welcome Credit & (ii) $100 for ACRA-registered business owners.
  6. Applies to GrabCar Economy 4 & 6-seater, GrabCar Premium, GrabShare & GrabFamily unique passenger trips only.
  7. The referrer MUST be present during new partner registration, with name and NRIC indicated as the referrer in the new partner’s application form. NO requests to add/change referrer name after application form submission will be entertained.
  8. Other terms & conditions apply*

*In registering for this incentive, the participating driver acknowledges that he/she has read and understood the terms of his/her existing rental agreement with any other vehicle provider and confirm that by participating in the scheme, they are not in breach of any obligation under the rental said agreement; the vehicle they will be using for the scheme is not subject to any restriction that prohibits the vehicles from being used for purposes of the scheme; and he/she has not informed Grab nor is Grab aware of any reason that would disqualify the driver from participating in the scheme.