GrabWheels Riders Take Home Plan

Rent a GrabWheels eScooter from just $80/month, with ZERO upfront costs.

Subscribe to our eScooter rental plan where you get to take home one of our eScooters to ride anytime, anywhere. With our GrabWheels Take Home plan, you’re in full control.

1. Affordable and flexible monthly plans to suit every need.

Get to take home your very own eScooter at as low $80/month. With our flexi-plans ranging from 1 month to 6 months, you’ll be able to find one that will best suit your needs.

Pricing (per month in SGD):

DYU FIIDO AM E-bike Ninebot Kickscooter by Segway ES4
1 month plan  $150 $150 $165 $100
2 month plan $140 $140 $155 $90
3 month plan  $125 $125 $140 $85
6 month plan $110 $110 $125 $80


As a GrabFood delivery rider- you pay nothing upfront. The monthly fee will simply be deducted from your GrabFood Wallet. 


2. SIT OR STAND? You decide.

We have 4 different types of eScooters available for the Take Home plans:

DYU At 1m long and 16kg net weight, DYU is extremely portable – No need to worry about moving the DYU around
FIIDO FIIDO seated eScooter is designed to have a basket, known for its stability and CG design
AM E-bike

AM e-bike is designed for a comfortable rider with long battery to cover those busy days will lots of deliveries 

Ninebot Kickscooter by Segway Es4

First UL2272 certified electric scooter in Singapore


*Pictures in the above table are for illustration purposes only

What’s included in our GrabWheels Take Home plan:

1)  eScooter
2) Charger
3) Key (subject to eScooter model)
4) Helmet (if you purchase)
5) Lock (if you purchase)


3.Enjoy FREE monthly maintenance checks, on us.

Once a month, you can take your PMD down to our warehouse and we’ll conduct a FREE basic service check.

Faulty Scooter? Inform us and we can do a 1-for-1 PMD SWAP* for your faulty.

*As long as the fault due to the malfunction of the PMD itself, and not by the user. Other damages subject to assessment and you will be charged a fee accordingly.


What you should take note of:

    • eScooters to be physically locked at the wheels when away from the eScooter.
    • Road rules and the relevant applicable laws to be abided while riding. Click here to read more on safety
    • No eScooter sharing allowed.


How to get started:

Express interest on the interest form:

1. Our staff will contact you and give you more instructions

2. Set up a time slot for collection of eScooter and brief you the documents required

3. Prepare the documents required beforehand:
– Proof of address (Utility bill/ Bank statement)
– Create Grab/GrabWheels account and set up payment method
– Have $75 ready in your GrabPay wallet/ debit card

4. Head down to our collection point
– Read through the documents and contract
– Check through the checklist
– Sign the contract
– Make the payment
– Take the eScooter home

5. A confirmation email will be sent to you. You are required to reply to the email to acknowledge

6. The outstanding amount will be deducted via GrabFood Wallet at the end of the month

Date and Time can be arranged for pick up at one of our following locations warehouses:
– North: Sing Ming Lane

Please bring along the following during collection:
1) Photo ID (Please show us your IC)
2) Address proof (Hard copy/soft copy)



Q: Where do I collect/swap eScooters?

A: eScooters can be collected/swapped at one of our warehouses. North: Sing Ming Lane


Q: Can I make any modifications to the eScooter?

A: You cannot make any modifications to the eScooter but some basic accessories are allowed (e.g. phone holder) as long as they do not damage the eScooter.


Q: Do you have a purchase plan? 

A: We do not have any purchase plans currently. 


Q: How can I get support if I have questions?

A: You will be added into our telegram group, where you can message one of the administrators for assistance.


Q: What happens if I damage the eScooter?

A: The rented PMD is your own responsibility. However, if the fault is beyond your control (e.g. wiring inside is damaged), we will do a swapping at our warehouses and you need not pay a penalty.


Q: What if there are charging issues?

A: If the issue is not due to a fault of your own, we will do a replacement of eScooter or charger for you.