Win over $30,000 cash and non cash prizes for Team Missions!


Over $30,000 worth of Cash and Prizes To Be Won!​

Not a GrabFood delivery partner yet? You’ll want to be one. Grab presents to you Team Missions, a high-stakes competition open to GrabFood delivery partners using a Motorcycle, Car, PAB and Bicycle only.

All you need to do is form a team of 5 players made up of experienced and inexperienced DTBM delivery partners, then start earning points with every ride you complete in Downtown or Bukit Merah.

There are two main categories:
Category A: Motorcycles & Cars
Category B: Bicycles & PABs
Your team can consist of 5 Motorcycles OR 5 Cars or a mix of both in Category A. Likewise for Category B.

Ready? On your mark, gather your team, go!

Team Requirements

The requirement for the team composition is as follows:

(1) Form a team of 5 players
(2) Each team can only consist of a minimum of 1 experienced DTBM delivery partner and maximum of 2 experienced DTBM delivery partners
(3) Each team can only consist of either Motorcycle and Cars OR Bicycles and PAB depending on which category they are a part of
(4) Team composition must stay the same throughout the competition period. Leaders who modify the team during the competition period will result in their entire team being forfeited
(5) Team Names: If you are creating a team for Category A, indicate BIKE/CAR_Name and for Category B, indicate BICYCLE/PAB_Name

Definition of an Experienced DTBM delivery partner:
Delivery Partner who in the timeframe 16 Mar – 12 April 2020:
1. Completed 75 or more total trips AND
2. 35% or more of these trips were done in Downtown or Bukit Merah zones


All winners will be announced by 15 May 2020.

Cash prizes will be credited into each members’ cash wallet before 31 May 2020. 

For non-cash prizes, winners will be notified of collection details via SMS. Collection will be at Grab Driver Centre on an appointment basis for safe social distancing and to prevent overcrowding.

For each category, there are top team prizes, top 5 individual rider performance prizes, and 5 fun awards.

Top 5 individual delivery partner performance prize are for delivery partners who performed well regardless of total team score and excludes delivery partners from the top 10 winning teams.

No repeated winners will be allowed.

(1) Largest Order Delivery Partner: Delivery partner who delivered the order with the highest basket value during the competition qualifying period and area (excluding winning teams and individual winners).

(2) “Perfect” Delivery Partner: Delivery partner with the most number of trips (excluding winning teams and individual winners) with 5-star rating, 100% AR, 0% CR.

(3) Most Efficient Delivery Partner: Delivery partner who delivered the most number of trip in an hour (excluding winning teams and individual winners).

(4) Top Knowledge Contributor:
Delivery partner can submit their tips on “How to deliver in DTBM” here. Delivery partner with the best tip selected by the panelists will win! Read “Tip Contribution” section for more details (excluding winning teams and individual winners).

(5) Most Creative Tip Contributor: Delivery partner with the MOST creative tip! Read “Knowledge Contribution” section for more details (excluding winning teams and individual winners).

How Do I Sign Up?

  • The appointed leader will be able to create a team via the Grab Driver App. Simply find Team Mission under the discovery tab.
  • For each team created, the leader must also include an active WhatsApp group chat link with the relevant members.
  • Upon successful creation of the team, members can join the team by searching the team name via Team Mission and pressing Request to Join. Membership to the team will be dependent on approval by the team leader.

Earn Points Through Completed Trips in DTBM Zones!

The team with the highest points earned wins! Within the DTBM zone, there are sub-areas; and different areas and timings have different point allocations. Simply come online and complete trips during the qualifying time period and the team that earns the most points wins!

(1) Trips must be completed at Downtown and Bukit Merah only (Based on pick up merchant location).
(2) Trips completed between 10.30am to 9pm only.
(3) Trips completed between 23 April to 10 May 2020.

Each additional drop off location for a batched order will qualify for an additional 20 points.

If a rider has the following orders at Novena on Friday 24 April, Lunch (10.30am to 2pm)

Normal Order:
Merchant 1 to Eater 1: The team earns 50 points for the order

Single Merchant Batched Order:
Merchant 1 to Eater 1 to Eater 2 to Eater 3: The team earns 50 + 20 + 20 = 90 points for the order

Multi Merchant Batched Order:
Merchant 1 to Merchant 2 to Eater 1 to Eater 2: The team earns 50 + 20 = 70 points for the order

If a rider has the following orders at Bukit Merah on Sunday 26 April, Dinner (6pm to 9pm)

Normal Order:
Merchant 1 to Eater 1: The team earns 5 points for the order

Single Merchant Batched Order:
Merchant 1 to Eater 1 to Eater 2 to Eater 3: The team earns 5 + 20 + 20 = 45 points for the order

Multi Merchant Batched Order:
Merchant 1 to Merchant 2 to Eater 1 to Eater 2: The team earns 5 + 20 = 25 points for the order

Points earned outside of DTBM zones will be removed at the end of Team Mission
If a rider has the following orders at Changi on Sunday 26 April, Dinner (6pm to 9pm)

Normal Order:
Merchant 1 to Eater 1: The team earns 0 points for the order

Single Merchant Batched Order:
Merchant 1 to Eater 1 to Eater 2 to Eater 3: The team earns 0 + 20 + 20 = 40 points for the order

Points Allocation Map

Join DTBM Zonal Fleet

Delivery partners are strongly encouraged to join our DTBM Zonal Fleet. Delivery partners in the zonal fleet receive priority allocation and only receive jobs from the DTBM zone.

Therefore, delivery partners in DTBM Zonal Fleet can complete more trips within the same time period.

Be A Knowledge Contributor and Win a Prize!

We want you to share with the community your vast knowledge on how to deliver at the DTBM zone! Each entry will be vetted internally and will then be posted onto our Facebook Squad platform.

Knowledge Submission Requirement:
(1) Submit ALL your knowledge in ONE A4 JPEG/PNG/JPG document OR ONE no longer than 1-minute long video/gif
(2) Each delivery-rider can only submit ONE entry
(3) No vulgarities
(4) No explicit mention of other food delivery operators
(5) No mention of any merchant, other delivery riders, or customer names without written approval

Submit your knowledge entry no later than 3 May 2020 23:59.


Yes, depending if your vehicle belongs to Category A or Category B.

Example: Category A – Motorcycles/Cars.
Your team can consist of 5 Motorcycles OR 5 Cars or a mix of 5 Motorcycles and Cars.

No, each team is required to have at least 1 and not more than 2 experienced DTBM riders. The objective of this competition is also to encourage knowledge sharing of delivering in the DTBM zone.

Yes you can, however delivery partners who are in the DTBM Zonal Fleet receive priority allocation.

No. Once you join the DTBM Zonal Fleet, you can only opt out by calling the hotline. The lead time for the administration to allow a rider to opt-in or out a Zonal Fleet is approximately 4-5 working days

Find out more at:

If your friend is in the same team as you, you can simply join his or her team by searching the exact team name under the Team Mission feature using the following flow:

Grab Driver App > Discover > Team Mission > Join Team > Search > Submit

Your friend on the other end, the team’s leader must approve your request

Only selected shortlisted delivery-partners are enabled to create teams

Unfortunately, the team link feature is not available at this moment. In order to join you team, your friend needs to search for the team name in the Team Mission tab and request to join the team

Modification of the team by the leader once the competition starts will result in the entire team being forfeited.

There is no ERP reimbursement. In addition to this there is also no ERP in Singapore from 6 April to 4 May 2020

There will be no penalty for member(s) with low or no performance

No, the team prize will be evenly distributed among all 5 team members. All members are advised to encourage and help each other to complete more trips.

The trip count is by job acceptance time. If the job is accepted before 9pm and completed after 9pm, the trip will be counted. If the job is accepted after 9pm, it will not be counted

All participating delivery partners are encouraged to join the DTBM Zonal Fleet. DTBM Zonal Fleet allows delivery partners to be prioritised to the DTBM zone and receive jobs only from the DTBM Zone. Find out more at

Each participant can only be in 1 team. Both teams will be forfeited if it is found that they have a common participant.

You can only substitute a member(s) if your existing member(s) is/are unable to contribute to the team count due to hospitalisation leave. Hospitalisation leave includes COVID related stay home notice and/or leave of absence

Terms & Condition

  • Grab reserves the rights to cancel or amend the competition and terms and conditions without notice in the event of any breach of applicable law and regulation or any other event outside of Grab’s control.
  • In the event of any dispute, including but not limited to a dispute regarding the terms and conditions or the conduct, results, selection of winner and all other matters relating to the promotion, Grab’s decision shall be final and binding and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into nor shall the same be challenged in any court of law.
  • Where applicable, prizes not collected by the winner in accordance with these terms shall be disposed of at Grab’s sole discretion.
  • Grab’s decision regarding the award of all prizes, and/or in every situation including any not covered in these Terms and Conditions, shall be final and binding on all participants in the contest, and no questions, challenges or appeals may be made or entertained regarding Grab’s decision on the same.
  • Grab’s reserves the rights to deal with all unclaimed prizes in any manner deemed fit.
  • Grab reserves the right to disqualify any participant or winner, in such manner as Grab deems fit, without giving notice or reason, and without any liability to the participant or winner.
  • Grab reserves the right, without prior notice and at any time to terminate or cancel the promotion, in whole or in part, or modify the competition in any way, without liability or prior notice to any person. If any part of the term and conditions are held to be unenforceable or illegal, such illegal or unenforceable part shall be severed from the terms and conditions without affecting the validity of the remaining terms and conditions.

Komsan Chiyadis

GrabFood delivery-partner, Thailand

Komsan Chiyadis

GrabFood delivery-partner, Thailand

COVID-19 has dealt an unprecedented blow to the tourism industry, affecting the livelihoods of millions of workers. One of them was Komsan, an assistant chef in a luxury hotel based in the Srinakarin area.

As the number of tourists at the hotel plunged, he decided to sign up as a GrabFood delivery-partner to earn an alternative income. Soon after, the hotel ceased operations.

Komsan has viewed this change through an optimistic lens, calling it the perfect opportunity for him to embark on a fresh journey after his previous job. Aside from GrabFood deliveries, he now also picks up GrabExpress jobs. It can get tiring, having to shuttle between different locations, but Komsan finds it exciting. And mostly, he’s glad to get his income back on track.