Life's tough. Savings shouldn't have to be.

Ever had to watch somebody indulge in a great meal while you munch on your packed lunch? We’ve all had those moments when we’ve needed to choose between living a little or saving money.

That’s why we’ve introduced Grab Subscription Plans.
Monthly plans that save you money on daily expenses like rides, food or both.

Different options
for different needs.

Subscribe monthly,
save daily.

Cancel any time
you wish.

But don’t take our word for it, hear it from Barry. And let him show you how he saves without sacrificing his lifestyle.

What's in each plan?

Over 100 1-for-1 Meals
Just $14.90 (U.P. $30)
Make a big deal of every occasion by purchasing a ‘GrabPay Dealbook: Gourmet Tribe edition’. Enjoy savings at your favourite restaurants and discover new ones with 1-for-1 dining vouchers from over 100 different merchants. Valid for 6 months, and perfect for sharing.

Get 5x $3 OFF Vouchers
If boba is your cup of tea, then join the Bubble Tea Club! For just $12 a month, you’ll get 5x $3 OFF vouchers that you can use at any LiHO Tea, Gong Cha, Woobbee, iTEA, Hi Tea and Hey Long Cha.

Here's how subscriptions work

Subscribe to a Plan
(it even auto renews monthly)

Receive a stack of
vouchers every month.

Open ‘My Rewards’
every time you want to save

Step-by-step guides to make saving easier

Your Grab Subscription Plan renews automatically every month
so do ensure you have sufficient GrabPay balance to keep enjoying savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are in the process of developing and designing new plans to better serve your travel needs.

All subscription plans launched will have a limited number of sign-up available. Once a plan is fully subscribed, they will no longer be available for new or re-subscription.

We currently offer these plans in Singapore – GrabPay DealBook and Food Plans. You may subscribe to both plans at the same time. 

Please read the terms and conditions of each plans carefully before purchasing as they are non-refundable.

Plans are automatically renewed, and the fees will be automatically deducted from your GrabPay Credits balance on the next billing date at 00:00 hours. To view the next billing date, select ‘My Plans’ under Subscriptions. You are strongly advised to monitor your billing dates and ensure that you have sufficient GrabPay Credit balance.

If you have insufficient balance, we will send a top-up email reminder 2 days before your billing date. If we are unable to renew your plan, it will be placed “On Hold” for 48 hours. During this time, you may top up and manually renew your plan in the app. Our system will attempt to renew again at the end of this 48 hours and if that fails again, your plan will be expired.

Please note that all plans are subject to availability. If you do not want to keep your plan, please remember to cancel them before your next billing date.

The Auto Debit feature automatically tops up your GrabPay balance when you have insufficient funds to renew your existing subscription plan. If you upgrade your plan before the next billing cycle, the new subscription fee will be deducted.

You may opt out of the Auto Debit feature anytime → go to “My Plans” and select “Auto Debit” and switch off “Auto Debit”.

Yes. If you have more than one plan, the Auto Debit feature will deduct the subscription fee for each plan on the renewal date if your GrabPay credits balance is insufficient.

If your GrabPay credits balance is lower than the subscription fee, the full subscription amount will be charged from your preferred payment method via GrabPay.

We will continue to send you a reminder when your subscription plan is about to end and the Auto Debit will take place on the subscription renewal date.

Both features are separate from each other – you can enable the Subscriptions Auto Debit feature without switching on GrabPay Auto Top-Up.

However, if your GrabPay Auto Top-up is enabled, you will still need to switch on Subscriptions Auto Debit. We require your consent to top-up your wallet when your balance is insufficient to renew your subscriptions plan.

Points will not be awarded when you purchase any plan. To learn how to earn points, please visit this page.

Cancel your plan at any time → go to “My Plans” and select “View” and click on “Cancel Plan”.

Cancellations will take effect on the next billing date. You may continue using your vouchers until the date of expiry, even after cancelling your plan.  

Plans are non-refundable as per the terms and conditions. If you wish to unsubscribe, remember to “Cancel Plan” before the next billing date.


Each plan is designed to be used over one calendar month. Once you have used up all your vouchers, please wait for the next month to get a new set of vouchers. Alternatively, you can sign up for other plans to maximise your savings on Grab transactions every month!

To manage your current plans, head over to “Subscriptions” and click on “My Plans” to see each individual subscription.

Details such as your <b>monthly charges</b>, and your <b>next billing date</b> may be found there.

We reserve the right to make any changes to your plan at any point in time. However, prior to making any changes to your plan, users will be notified 2 months prior through in-app notification, as well as email (remember to subscribe to Grab communications to receive this).

All subscription plans are of limited availability and once they are fully subscribed, they will no longer be available on the Grab app (for subscription and re-subscription).

Do ensure that you have sufficient GrabPay Credit balance before your plan’s next billing date to continue enjoying your plans.

More questions? Read the Terms & Conditions of each plan or visit our Help Centre.